Today is the world of the electronics. Here are five great places to party hard and dance the night away.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the dance music and party capitals of the world and attracts millions of tourists every year. While the introduction of the rock festival, Ibiza Rocks, in 2005 was successful, the Spanish island will forever be synonymous with the dance and trance scene.

Stockholm, Sweden

While the other Scandinavian countries were influential in the Eurodance scene that dominated the 90s, none were as important as Sweden. Not only dominating the 90s, Sweden is still producing electronic megastars such as Swedish House Mafia.

The country even has a national centre for electronic music and sound art called, Elektronmusikstudion. The centre promotes and organises electronic music events as well as providing learning courses.

London, England

The electronic phenomenon that is dubstep is the brainchild of a small selection of London based electronic musicians. The genre is rapidly growing and many of its elements are strongly influencing mainstream pop. It has quickly become adopted by North America, with popular DJs such as, Skrillex.

However, many fans feel that America’s influence has changed the genre too much for mainstream, commercialisation purposes and what is commonly considered dubstep is not what was first created in the urban areas of London.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rungbachduong, Flickr

Netherlands was another major European player in the Eurodance scene and often delved into happy hardcore with acts like Scooter, Alice Deejay and the more pop-based Vengaboys. However, Holland wasn’t only influential in the bubblegum electronic music but played a major role in the more serious Trance scene, producing one of the world’s most iconic DJs; Tiesto.

Seoul, South Korea

Patriotmissile, Flickr

Come on, how could we not? In the year of 2012 came the dance behemoth that is Gangnam Style. Having swept the whole world, Psy’s phenomenally catchy number has had office workers to world leaders swinging their arms while riding invisible horses. The most watched video on Youtube, its expected to be the first video to reach one billion views.

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James Mellan @jamesmellan1