"Let's go shopping!"

We all love the feeling of bagging a bargain and us Brits won’t shy away from travelling afar to get the most for our money!

As the British pound is now reportedly at a five-year high, the US have seen a surge in hotel searches from us Brits, as it seems we are keen to burn a hole in our wallets and find the best bargains out there.

Hotels.com have revealed that hotel searches have increased as much as 28% with Miami, Las Vegas and New York being the most popular American destinations. The results were taken from June 2014 figures which showed that a surge in interest of Los Angeles and Washington also increased.

With Brits getting more for their money it is too tempting to turn down!

Rank Destination % increase June 2014 vs June 2013
1 Las Vegas 28%
2 Los Angeles 27%
3 Miami Beach 22%
4 New York 15%
5 Washington 13%

Kate Hopcraft of the Hotels.com brand said: "Brits are well known to be a savvy bunch when it comes to finding a good deal as demonstrated in our recent search statistics. With the pound being so strong against the dollar it's clear to see the US is our destination of choice – so grab those holiday bargains while you can!"

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