The Lakes by yoo is an idyllic, tranquil place that you have to see to believe. Once you enter the gated community you're transported into a place where you can forget all about the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the important things.

It'll be hard to get back to regular life when you spend weekends at The Lakes by yoo

It'll be hard to get back to regular life when you spend weekends at The Lakes by yoo

Nature and design work in harmony to provide the ultimate rural retreat, and with famous faces like Elle Macpherson, Jade Jagger and Kelly Hoppen designing the homes you know they're going to be chic and stylish.

The Lakes by yoo is a private estate set amongst 650 acres of Cotswold countryside, just 90 minutes from London - making it the ideal place for a weekend home or trip away.

Not only was our trip to The Lakes perfected by helpful staff onsite, who also leave you to enjoy your time there in peace as well, but our drive to the Cotswold was carried out with ease and comfort in the brand new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

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And The Lakes by yoo isn't just a playground that can be enjoyed during the summer months either, there's plenty to do throughout the year. There are more than 15km of lakeside walkways, treks, nature trails and cycling routes within the estate. And there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new, whether that's windsurfing, fishing, sailing or even how to put up a teepee.

John Hitchcox, yoo co-founder and resident at The Lakes says: "Our vision for The Lakes by yoo was to recapture teh countryside I knew as a child. I want my children to chase butterflies, get muddy in the woods, go camping and catch fish, and I want them to hvae that freedom in a safe, natural environment.

"You're living in an endless landscape, with a river and lakes, meadows and woods that are all your own back garden - that's the joy of it."

And while there may be plenty to do in the grounds, definitely check out the spa too - The Ochard Spa is filled with a 20m indoor pool, children's pool, steam room and sauna with a fully equipped gym too. But it will be hard to go further than the large club room as you enter the spa, where you can settle by the fire, enjoy a game of pool, read one of the numerous books on the shelves or play one of the board games with your family, all while having a drink and overlooking the stunning orchard and arboretum.

But then again, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away from your beautiful home. These properties offer privacy, security and seclusion for each of the waterfront second homes. Each home is clad in sustainable timber, which will mellow and silver with age, and they're created to withstand temperature extremes and climate change, the homes have a simple construction that complements the refined comfort within.

Plus, the comprehensive property management and concierge service will remove all the worry that owning a second home can bring, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment at The Lakes.

Set around a network of six lakes spread over 650 rural acres, The Lakes by yoo is a joint venture with The Raven Group and is a unique combination of beautiful country living and all the urban luxury you could imagine - from very stylish interior design to a concierge service that can have your home prepared for your arrival and your fridge stocked when you arrive.

Prices range from £900,000 - £3,500, Telephone: 01367 250 066

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