These last few months I’ve spent my days island hopping through Greece for what will be my third full summer here and my seventeenth visit to the country. To say it’s a favourite destination of mine would be quite the understatement, the Greek Islands in my opinion offer something for everyone. From pristine beaches to lush mountains to the quaint traditional villages where you’re welcomed with warm plates and even warmer hearts.

Having spent a summer in Zakynthos and one in Crete, this year I mostly based myself in The Cyclades, the scatter of islands that are home to the famous Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. These more-known islands are all truly beautiful and worth a visit but if you’re looking for the inside scoop here’s my list of islands that you simply must se’a’ if you are in the Aegean!

Milos: Best Island for Wanderlust

With beaches comparable to the moon the island of Milos really is ‘out of this world’ with stunning scenery at every corner capturing the truest natural beauty of Greece. It’s an island that has become increasingly popular down to the ‘no need for a filter’ images flooding instagram and yet Milos has all the while managed to maintain a traditional untouched charm.

Where to stay: White Coast Suites - Honeymoon worthy rooms, all complete with sunset facing infinity pools.

Serifos - Best Island for Seclusion

This small island is beautifully rustic and very much under the radar of all travellers, Greeks included! The island has just a handful of restaurants and luxury hotels are few and far between but there is no island quite like it if you are keen to explore on wheels. The cliff-edge views from the roads are spectacular. 

Only accessible by boat the island therefore has less tourism so it’s a common experience to find a beach all to yourself, if your holiday wish is to lay down a towel and indulge in a great book then Serifos is for you!

Where to stay: Belvedere Apartments - Perfectly located with sea views.

Sifnos - Best Island for Traditional Food

An island you need to know about if you enjoy amazing traditional cuisine is Sifnos. Greece’s first cookbook was written here in 1910 and the iconic scenes of hill-top towns are a dreamy backdrop for the delicious tavernas. The island is also famous for hiking which pairs perfectly with all that food you won’t be able to say no to!

Where to Stay: Agnanti Traditional  - Rooms with the most unique views in The Cyclades.

Paros - Best Island for Shopping and Indulging

Another firm favourite of mine is the island of Paros, one you may have heard of due to its size and close proximity to the more known and largest island of Naxos. Paros offers so much more than it’s smaller Cycladic neighbours with a handful of fishing villages and towns to keep the more wandering type busy. This island really does have it all with award winning restaurants, turquoise beaches and postcard perfect architecture. Paros has boutique shopping and luxury nightlife similar to Mykonos, in fact a far larger scene it has just been kept a better secret ;)

Where to Stay: Summer Senses Resort - A world class dining menu and impeccable luxury service.

Polyaigos - Best Island for Mesmerising Scenery

The last island on my list is actually uninhabited so it’s not possible to base yourself there but it is accessible by boat from Milos, Sifnos or Kimolos. The sea that surrounds this ‘land of goats’ showcases an entire spectrum of enchanting blues from cobalt to turquoise. With crystal clear lagoons, enchanting hidden caves, daring cliff jumping sites and so much more to see and do it can’t be missed.

All of these islands are within close proximity to each other and have direct ferry routes, spend 2/3 days on each and you’ll have yourself a holiday of a lifetime!

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Writer. Follow her travels at

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