Save on hotel deals with Blink Booking

Save on hotel deals with Blink Booking

App: Blink Booking

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android Platforms (tablet specific version available soon)

What is it:

Blink Booking offers same-day hotel bookings straight from your mobile. At 11am every day, Blink Booking lists the four most attractive hotel deals in your chosen city, offering customers anything up to 40 per cent off the best hotel rates available online. There are currently more than 700 hotels in 39 cities across the world to choose from including London, Marbella, Paris and Rome, to name a few.

Simplicity Travel: 

Blink Booking’s offer is simple: every day at 11am, Blink selects the four best hotels (based on a combination of price and location) in each city and those hotels go live to the app, meaning that hotels compete to offer the best rates to appear in the application.

Travellers in need of a room can book there and then, getting ridiculously good rates by booking “last second”. Hotels are offered at a discount to almost every other online travel agent.

You’ll never have to spend hours comparing different sites and reading hundreds of reviews again. Blink personally visits each city’s best hotels to offer you the top four picks of the day.

We love:

The great thing about Blink Booking is that it can act as a holiday-saver if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of hotel mishaps or if you’ve left it too late to book a room for your travels. It’s fast, convenient and you can book in just four clicks. There’s everything from luxury to boutique and quirky hotels to cater for all traveller needs.  


The app currently has hotels in eight UK cities (London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester). This means that those looking for hotels in more unusual, remote or sun-drenched parts of the UK won’t find what they are looking for. However, the app makers reassure us that there are more places coming online all the time, users just need to keep an eye on the app as the clock strikes 11 every morning.


For people on-the-go whether that’s business travellers, leisure vacationers or those looking to escape for the weekend, Blink Booking is the must-have same-day travel app that can save you money, leaving more for you to spend while you’re away. For its uniqueness, innovative and simple nature, we give Blink Booking a travel-tastic 3/5.

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