Bing Get Me There

Bing Get Me There

App: Bing Get Me There

Price: Free

Available on: iPhone, Windows Phone (features vary on devices)

What is it:

Following on from the popular Windows Phone app, a newly designed iOS version of Bing Get Me There has launched. Bing Get Me There is a London travel app that gets people from A to B with true door-to-door directions using Bing maps and live tube updates as well as Bus, Docklands Light Rail (DLR) and Overground data, to ensure that people get the best route.

Travel Easy:

Navigating around London, whether as a commuter or a tourist is always a challenge. Get Me There can help throughout the whole journey by locating the nearest stations and bus stops to walk to and best travel routes to use avoiding any delays or unexpected changes.

The app changes colour to reflect the tube line users are looking at. Plus, Get Me There also allows people to use Bing web search from directly within the app - useful if they want to find out more information about that trendy bar they’re going to after work.

We love:

Bing Get Me There features flip functionality which means that if users turn their iPhone upside down, they get instant reverse directions from their previous journey. Especially handy if you’re in an area with less frequent bus routes and there is no train station close by. Also good for those who love to walk and want to explore the English capital on foot.


This is a great app for people visiting and living in London and it is a shame that the app is only available for download on to the iPhone and Windows Phone (see below for more info) as a large majority of smart phone users will miss out on being able to use it. For now, Bing Get Me There focuses specifically on London, but it would be great to see other major UK cities featured in the app too. However, if you’re in ‘The Swinging City’ and have an iPhone then this is definitely the must-have travel app.

Specific Get Me There Windows Phone features

Bing Get Me There app launched for Windows Phone in January 2012. In addition to door-to-door navigation, Windows Phone users also benefit from a ‘Get me Home’ button, which can be pinned to the start page for quick access, showing users the fastest route back to their home. With Windows Phone, people can also pin their favourite journeys to their start screen to view live travel updates with ease.


With a user-friendly interface and clear functions as well as real-time and up-to-date information on public transport and directions, Bing Get Me There is a one-stop travel app to explore London or simply practical for commuters and those on days out in the city to access live travel information. It does exactly what’s in its name, it gets you there! For its simplicity and as a dedicated source of information on London, this app gets a travel-tastic 4/5.

The Bing Get Me There app for iPhone can be downloaded for free from iTunes here.

The Bing Get Me There app for Windows Phone can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace here.

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