Backpack through south east Asia

Backpack through south east Asia

Holidays aren’t only about seaside resorts, all-inclusive hotels and travel deals. Sometimes, taking a trip is more about adventure, soul-searching and exploring the unknown. It doesn’t have to be fancy or static, and if you’re on the same page with us, a backpacking trip sounds great. In fact, if you’re an unconventional spirit, a backpacking hen party sounds even better. If you know well enough your girlfriends are not into the cookie cutter hen weekend everybody’s doing, this idea might sound really fun to them. Here are a few great places to start planning your offbeat party.


See Europe by train

Make your backpacking trip the real deal. Visit Europe by rail travel. You might just have a Darjeeling Limited worthy experience to tell all your family and friends back home.


The Eurorail pass is the first thing you should get if you’re planning to go on a European tour. This lets you hop on and off many of Europe’s trains. If you purchase the Global Pass there are 27 countries included in the list going from Western Denmark and Germany all the way east to places like Poland and Turkey. The good thing about the pass is that it takes you from one major city to the other without all the hassle of buying tickets each time. Plus you get a lot of discounts in the countries where the pass is available, on hotels, museums or other forms of transport like ferries. 


The Bernina Express is a narrow, breathtaking train route which takes you through the southern Switzerland Alps and to a charming Italian town named Tirano. The journey includes a UNESCO World Heritage site, plus a 360-degree spiral, seven percent inclines, 196 bridges and 55 tunnels. It’s a four hour trip you’ll never forget.


If you’re up for a 13 hour long journey, then how about Paris or Madrid? You’ll leave the beautiful capital of France in the evening, enjoy a lovely three-course meal on the train and wake up the next morning in Spain. Grand class is available on this veritable hotel on wheels, and it includes a welcome drink, gourmet dinner, breakfast and a room complete with bathroom.


Backpack through Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is the home of hard contrasts, vibrant beauty and fascinating experiences. A hen party for you and your girls backpacking on these exotic lands will leave you breathless.


The great thing about this destination is that it’s also really cheap. Hotels in Cambodia and Laos can be as cheap as $2 per night, while Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia go from 5 to 12 dollars. Food is also a bargain and you’ll manage to live on a few dollars per day if you choose to eat locally. Western restaurants are generally more expensive, as they rely on tourists for business. 


Jungle trekking is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. You’ll cover beautiful wild areas with wonderful wildlife and plants you’ve never seen before. Laos, Malaysia and Thailand are all great options.


Bangkok is another place you definitely should take your girls too, as it’s the travel hot spot in Southeast Asia. The nightlife is amazing and vivid, shopping is cheap and you can get anywhere from here.


Road Trip through the U.S.

Road trips are an American staple. They’re embedded in the American spirit and culture and they’re as popular today as they’ve ever been. The United States are charming, alluring and even mystical and a hen party through its fascinating landscapes could go really well for you and your friends.


The South is a great idea if you’re sick of California or Cape Cod. Head for the Appalachian Mountains. This will take you along Blue Ridge Parkway, which is beautiful and runs all the way through Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. There are quite a lot of hiking opportunities, if you’re into that, like the Humpback Rocks, and you could also visit the historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville.


A backpacking hen party could be a great idea if you’re the adventurous type that doesn’t lazy out of train-hopping, hiking and exploring. There’s so much you can do on a backpacking trip that your future husband will probably be dead jealous when he hears about the amazing time you had with your girls.


Amber Kingsley is a freelance writer and frequent solo female traveler. She loves discovering new places on her adventures around the globe and hopes her tips will inspire other women to set out on their own or with their best girlfriends for an unforgettable trip.


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