As the school summer holidays kick into full swing and families across Britain jet off on their annual trips abroad, a new study conducted by security packaging experts revealed that one in ten Britons has been a victim of theft whilst in an airport. who carried out the survey, found that Turkey, Egypt and France emerged as the most common locations, outside of the UK, to become a victim of airport theft.

The most popular items to be taken were mobile phones, money and even passports.

Brits believe that they had experienced airport theft due to distractions. 42% admitted to focusing their attention to children, parents and arrival/departure boards.

A further 12% admitted the theft happened whilst they were going to the toilet or making purchases in airport shops. Interestingly, less than half reported the theft of their belonging(s) to airport staff, with just 18% of these successfully managing to retrieve the lost item or find out exactly what happened to it.

Many travellers who haven’t been a victim of theft have known someone to have had their belongings stolen with 64% stating that they personally knew a friend or family member who had been a victim of airport theft.

Most likely items to be stolen from hand luggage whilst at an airport:

1. Mobile phone- (19%)

2. Money- (16%)

3. Passports-(11%)

4. Jewellery- (6%)

5. iPads/Tablet Devices- (4%)

Airport destination where Brits had items stolen:

1. Turkey- (19%)

2. Egypt- (17%)

3. France- (12%)

4. America- (9%)

5. Greece- (6%)

Leon Edwards, Group Managing Director of Versapak, made the following comments regarding the findings of the study and the importance of implementing the correct measures of protection and security whilst at an airport:  “When you are at an airport, there are certain circumstances that can have an adverse effect on how aware of personal belongings you are. A family going on holiday with small children could be preoccupied making sure everyone is in the vicinity, whilst a professional worker on a business trip may be suffering terribly from jetlag and fall asleep with their bags unattended.”

He continued: “I have also noticed at airports that a lot of the time, passengers take somewhat of a lacklustre approach towards their personal security. Much of the time, bags are kept on the airport floor and unfastened, meaning valuable goods are on show to everyone, including potential thieves.”

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