Believe it or not, colour can have a strong influence on your mood and lifestyle, from brights to bolds, to pale to pasty, choosing the perfect colour to help brighten up your day is vital with 73% of Brits revealing that colour does affect their mood.


Colours can be useful when choosing your holiday destination as 62% of Brits actively choosing to take a short break in places that are perceived to be colourful.

Solny Square has teamed up with Colour Therapist, Pippa Merivale, to advise on the best colourful places to visit this year, and how to get the most out of all things colour related.

Cinque Terre

Pippa's Top Tips:

  • Violet helps to soothe a broken heart and helps in coping with change. For a post-breakup getaway, head to a purple infused destination such as the stunning Bluebonnets area in Texas.
  • Red will stimulate the soul, increasing energy and excitement, For an end-of summer pick me up, head to Marrakech. Known as the 'Red City', the stimulating spicy scents and hustle and bustle of the Souks will invigorate and awaken you.
  • Escaping from normal life on a short break reduces mental chatter, and means we embrace colour more easily – Pippa recommends heading to the beautiful town of Cinque Terre in Italy, with it's brightly multi-coloured waterside houses, this is an ideal destination to unwind and let colour energy flow into the body
  • The already popular Mexico is a fantastic place to unleash enjoyment and fun. Merida and Valladolid are towns awash with golds and yellows, which trigger enjoyment and sparkle. These destinations make for great visits for anyone wanting to 'get away from it all'.
  • Avoid the post-holiday blues by wearing pinks and oranges on your return, they give off warmth and ward off negative feeling. Greens and blues will also help to soothe you, and relax you ahead of your return to busy life.
  • Great UK destinations to experience the benefits of colour include The Brighton Beachfront with it's jazzy beach huts, Blackpool with it's dazzling array of lights and the idyllic, lush Yorkshire hills.
  • According to Pippa, 'pastel colours in your hotel room should help to soothe and relax you''. The amazing Citizen M hotel in Glasgow features state of the art technology, which allows you to change the colour of your room to best suit your mood
  • When on holiday, a bright bikini will instantly lift your mood, no matter how much sangria was consumed the night before!
  • Pippa's top colours to wear for an interview include purple and blue for corporate roles and brighter shades of orange and turquoise for more creative roles.

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