Where have you been?

Where have you been?

The UK largest discount website revealed today that Brits aged 18-30 are more travelled than their elders (50 plus). Spain came top of the pile as the country most visited by both generations.

My voucher codes took 2,080 participants from the UK, 1,038 of which were aged between 18-30 and 1,042 aged above 50. They were asked how many countries they had visited so far in their lives and it was found that the younger age group had visited on average 8 countries, while the 50 plus age bracket had only visited four.

The top five countries most visited by the over 50s were:


1.       Spain

2.       France

3.       Italy

4.       Portugal

5.       Greece


The top five visited by 18-30s were:

  1. Spain
  2. Thailand
  3. Australia
  4. Greece
  5. America


When asked why they thought younger people were travelling more than the older age group, it was thought by 18% that it was due to the rise of the gap year in the height of the recession.

23% thought that younger people travel more because there are more budget travel deals available to cater for this age group as well as 26% who believe that there are greater opportunities to go abroad to study, rather than at home.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, commented on the results:

“I’m not surprised to see that young adults today have visited double the number of countries than the older generations have. It is now not only easier and often cheaper to travel around the world but people, especially students, have more opportunities to travel thanks to education, gap years and employment opportunities overseas.”

He continued:

“We have hundreds of travel deals on the site to help Britons reduce their travel and holiday spends. Whether you’re looking for a discount for a hotel, plane tickets or for car hire, you’ll always find something to save a few pennies!”


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