Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

With news constantly circulating about who will be the nest judges on American Idol, one major fact isn’t being looked at.

How the hell are these people earning this much money for sitting on a panel and thinking if people can sing or not?

While who sits on the judging panel does have an effect on whether you watch the show or not, but the numbers being attached to the mega stars who’ll be sitting on the respective sofas are growing crazier by the signing.

With Jennifer Lopez getting around $12 million for the first year and $20 million for her second season on American Idol, it set the ball rolling on incredible pay-days for the divas on the judging panel.

Now, after supposedly having another wage hike rejected, she and Steven Tyler (who made a nice wage too, but only in the single figures of millions) left the show, leaving the producers at a loose end. Who could ever possibly want one of the single cushiest and high paying jobs in TV?

Finding it in her heart to give up her precious time so selflessly was Mariah Carey. Who also demanded an $18 million wage for her first series of the show. For siting behind a table, judging people and then giving them a few tips.

Now Kanye’s being suggested as another member of an all-star panel and is expecting to at least match Mariah’s salary. And he’s still on the fence about doing it!

It’s not just American Idol where the salaries are totally out of control (Ryan Seacrest’s earning $15m a year for introducing advert breaks and saying ‘Seacrest Out!’) as rival show The X Factor is also caving in to ridiculous star judge demands, with Britney Spears being paid around $15 million for appearing on the show.

Even The Voice isn’t immune from the massive wages, with Christina Aguilera netting $10 million for the latest season of the show, with her three panel-buddies Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton netting a slightly less preposterous $6m for the year.

The kicker is though, they don’t have to!

You can hire American judges with current musical experience and a recognisable name for a whole lot less. Demi Lovato’s only costing The X-Factor in America $1 million for the series. If the other show’s clamped down on the stupid wages, they could all save an absolute bundle.

You start to include the UK judges and the massive wage demands of their American counterparts look even dafter. Gary Barlow’s getting £2 million for this series of The X Factor. Tulisa’s getting about £650k. Will.I.Am was reportedly the biggest earner on The Voice this year, and he earned £500k. Most of which he gave to charity!

The American equivalent’s are bigger, yes. But so much bigger that Kanye can demand ‘at least’ 36 times Will.I.Am or 9 times what Gary Barlow earns for doing the exact same job? I don’t think so.

FemaleFirst Cameron Smith