Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

I’m A Celebrity starts up again this weekend and we’ve had a look at all of the contestants that have confirmed their entry into the jungle and see who we think should be called the pre-show favourite and who we think will be the first to sling their hook out of the jungle.

Early Favourites –

Even before they’ve headed into the jungle, we’ve got our inklings as to who’s going to make the nation warm to them.

Our early pick has to be Linda Robson. The Birds Of A Feather star still has plenty of fans, despite her comparatively small amount of work afterwards, and the actress has already shown that she’s getting into the spirit of things by saying that she plans to pull a Myleene Klass and don a bikini.

We also think that her closest challengers might be Brian Connelly and Charlie Brooks, with the TV host always coming across as up for a laugh and the EastEnders actress sure to get the male vote.

First Out –

This we think will be a straight fight between Nadine Dorries and Helen Flanagan, with the politician and the Coronation Street star sure to do more than their fair share of horrific tasks.

Nadine Dorries has come under fire from her peers for leaving her constituency for the show, and is sure to have a few people revelling in making her do horrible things on TV. Politicians have never 

Helen Flanagan’s already supposedly throw a tantrum upon arriving in Australia. If an airport’s that much of an ordeal, what’s the jungle going to be like for her. Either she’s going to be kept in for spite or she’ll be out before we head into the second week.

Annoying Members –

With an ego like his, David Haye’s surely going to be throwing his weight around and trying to be alpha male, much to the annoyance of everyone else there and probably us at home too. Here’s hoping that we get to see the posturing pugilist brought down a peg or two.

Another celeb we think is going to be getting on our wick’s going to be Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor. Surely the manicured and pampered reality TV star will be in hell in the grimy jungle and never stop moaning about how the humidity’s ruining his image.

So those are our brief thought before all the fun starts, make sure to come back to here for updates on the jungle bound celebs and let us know your thought about it all in the comments below.

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