Jools Holland

Jools Holland

As we wave so long to another year (take that Mayans!) and put on our party outfits for the big night of celebration, TV yet again finds itself in somewhat of a sticky wicket.

While Christmas and the following couple of days provide the ripest pickings of the year come viewing figures, the final date on the calendar is nothing like as ample a bounty. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.

With a whole heap of folks choosing to spend their New Year’s out on the tiles, a massive chunk of the audience isn’t going to be anywhere near a TV.

That reason alone is the reason why Jools Holland still rules the roost when it comes to the New Year’s entertainment. Why try putting on a big show when so much of your potential audience just isn’t going to be there?

Those who stay by their televisions come New Years are going to most likely want to see a friendly face and stick to the routine that they’ve become accustomed to. Also, while he may have his detractors, Jools’ collection of singer mates do seem to be having a rather splendid time.

Also, it’s all a question of tone. New Year’s is a time of celebration, so who is going to settle down in front of the TV and spend the night with a tense political drama? Or at least that’s what the channels all seem to think, who instead believe that we’d prefer to watch others having a party if we’re attending one ourselves.

That’s at least what Channel 4 think, with them once again trying to challenge the BBC’s Hootenanny with Alan Carr and a bunch of his comedy mates having a two hour get-together. That oddly ends before midnight.

Why though? If you’re not heading out for New Year’s or spending it with friends, you’re probably not too bothered by the whole event. So why would watching a bunch of celebs jolly about make your evening brighter?

At least ITV is going the whole opposite direction and throwing up some intensive counter programming, throwing Bridget Jones’ Diary up instead. Film 4 is going even more polar opposite with an evening of Predators and gangster movie Sexy Beast. Now that’s going for the audience that doesn’t give a proverbial rodent’s backside!

While the audiences don’t show up though, the channels will continue the same old tricks. It doesn’t look like Jools and his piano are going anywhere any time soon.


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