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NOTE: Spoilers

The series kicked off in style last week, and it certainly doesn't let up in this second episode where we finally get to learn of Mick's fate. Will he be allowed to rejoin his family on their annual holiday, or have his free days come to an end and his days in Spanish custody just begun?

Before all that though, a new face turns up at the Solana in the form of hunky Jason Gallagher (Philip Olivier) who's looking for work, but a jealous Mateo tells him immediately that there are no positions available.

However, when Mateo's back is turned, Jason decides it'd be his best chance to make an impression whether he has permission or not, and so stands in Mateo's place while the long-standing worker skives off his shift.

Jason makes a great impression on the Solana ladies / Credit: ITV

With some impressive cocktail skills, a crowd is quickly drawn, and when he draws the eye of manager Joyce in more ways than one, he's offered an unpaid week-long trial.

Hoping to stay in the spotlight, Mateo enlists the help of friend and colleague Les/Lesley which leads to a cocktail face-off that keeps the laughs coming.

Madge seems confused, while Kenneth fully enjoys the view / Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, the Garvey family aren't happy that Michael's being lead astray by Tiger, and so he's kept on rainbow reigns as his grandmother Madge keeps a watchful eye on him.

When she falls asleep though, Tiger's back to lure Michael away, persuading him to steal the hotel's all-inclusive wristbands and sell them in town.

How will the Dyke family respond when accusations are thrown around about their son by the Garveys, and just what does that mean for the rest of their holiday at the same hotel?

Michael isn't allowed out of his mother's sight / Credit: ITV

Catch the second episode of Benidorm on ITV at 9pm on Thursday, January 9.

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