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NOTE: Spoilers

Martin returns to Benidorm in tonight's episode of the long-running ITV comedy series, and with him comes an entire stag party, promising to give his engaged friend the holiday of a lifetime.

Noticing Bianca Dyke at the pool bar, Liam immediately thinks he's in love, but when he's shunned by the other males in the resort for his personality, he feels he may have to make a drastic change to be more accepted, and one that has repercussions not just for him, but his father Lesley.

Feeling saddened by the loss of a friend, Jacqueline and Donald's spirits are lifted by the troupe of rich guys who pay them in the hopes they'll be able to organise a private Sticky Vicky viewing. However, when they realise Vicky's out of the country, somebody else has to step in...

Sticky Vicky or Tacky Jacky? / Credit: ITV

Tiger and Michael are allowed to be friends once more, and Tiger's new plan of shifting Madge's tanning pills for cash might just work in their favour - but Michael's wary of the trouble he's getting himself in.

Determined to keep a rift between her own family and the Dyke's, Madge does her best to stir things whenever she gets the opportunity, telling both Clive and Mick that each have been slagging each other off and threatening to attack one another. Things really come to a head at the end of the night when Madge unleashes a torrent of abuse at the family, leading to a crack right down the middle of the newly formed friendship they had with the Garveys.

Madge loves stirring the pot / Credit: ITV

Benidorm continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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