Benidorm continues tonight on ITV with the fourth episode from the sixth series, and the comedy doesn't let up when it comes to getting the giggles.

Waking up with somebody by his side following a heavy night on the drinks with his friends' stag party, Martin realises his luck's been in when he spots just who he shared his bedsheets with.

Liam thinks Maureen has fallen asleep / Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, Kenneth and Liam have a client in Maureen, who Liam thinks has fallen asleep under the blowdryer, but Kenneth thinks something more tragic has happened when she refuses to wake up.

Setting up a beach in the Solana, Joyce Temple Savage demands that Mateo sets up a volleyball competition, and Tiger thinks of a brand new plan to line his pockets and Michael's with some more cash.

Tiger & Michael compete in the volleyball competition / Credit: ITV

Later, a kareoke competition sees most of the regulars take to the stage, and more bets are afoot when Clive sees an opportunity to make right the wrongs that happened earlier in the day.

Janice can't resist competing in the kareoke competition / Credit: ITV

Martin and Bianca try to see if their sleeping together could lead to a relationship, and when she asks for a "sophisticated" night, he turns to Donald and Jacqueline for advice who suggest a local casino.

Martin takes Bianca to a local casino / Credit: ITV

Drama, arguments and plenty of laughs are provided throughout the episode, and as the series goes from strength to strength we can't wait to see what else Derren Litten and the rest of the Benidorm crew have got up their sleeves for future episodes.

Benidorm continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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