Joyce is ready to take a break from managing The Solana, and has a date with Beverley - another hotel manager in the city.

Leaving Lesley to take care of things in her absence, Joyce goes to get changed and makes her exit.

Jacqueline & Donald mean to see Donna off in style / Credit: ITV

The ashes of Big Donna arrive to the hotel, and Donald and Jacqueline mean to see her off in style as they take her on a tour of Benidorm, but all is not as it seems.

Lesley realises that she's waiting on her very best wig to be prepared by Liam and Kenneth at Blow N' Go, but the bumbling duo admit they sent it to a different salon so it could be done by professionals.

Kenneth doesn't take kindly to Les' threats / Credit: ITV

Taking the role of manager extremely seriously, Lesley transforms back into Les while waiting for his wig, and begins his attempts of whipping the staff into shape.

Kenneth doesn't take lightly to Les' extreme personality shift and threatens to have his wig sent on a detour if he doesn't stop being so uptight.

Janet Street Porter stars as a reporter / Credit: ITV

A staff protest is later organised as Mateo's hands get him into trouble, and Bianca Dyke demands he be fired from the working force at the Solana.

Meanwhile Mateo is given a final warning by the new man in charge.

Cyril returns / Credit: ITV

Joyce's date with Beverley isn't going well, and when she notices a homeless man rummaging through a bin next to her she offers him some money, only to find out it's Cyril Babcock.

Elsewhere, Michael and Tiger fall out when Michael insists he doesn't want to spend anymore time with the troublesome teen.

Mateo's in trouble with the holidayers / Credit: ITV

Hoping to win his new friend back, Tiger tries to impress the Garvey family by any means possible.

Madge's renewed sense of self sees her become a caring, generous and gentle soul with all of those around her, and the rest of the family are worried, wondering the reason behind her being so nice.

Benidorm continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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