Madge tells the Garveys she has 4 weeks to live / Credit: ITV

The Garvey family are rocked by the news that Madge only has 4 weeks left to live in tonight's penultimate episode of Benidorm, and won't stop ringing the doctor back at home to make sure that she heard him correctly.

Janice desperately tries to get a hold of Madge's doctor / Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, Cyril is taking on his role as assistant manager at the Solana very seriously, handing out new duties to staff members and implementing a new dress code for the guests.

Cyril wants Mateo to carry the pig for the eating competition / Credit: ITV

Not only this, but he enlists Mateo to help him collect a pig for an eating competition he's organised, where the lucky winner will walk away with a Solana Resort t-shirt.

Cyril goes to extreme measures to find a pig / Credit: ITV

Tonya wants to get out of the hotel and go to the health spa, but struggles in her search for someone to go with her, and Tiger invites Michael to the beach where they come across Elena - a Spanish beauty who they both are more than happy to spend some time with.

The eating competition begins at the Solana / Credit: ITV

Back at the resort with the spitroast underway, the men at the resort - as well as Bianca - all gear up to take on the contest, leading to unexpected results for everyone involved.

Elsewhere, Liam's got Kenneth on a health kick as he wants him to make some major lifestyle changes, but it could be too late for the hair salon owner as he continues to get twinges of pain in the side of his chest.

Benidorm continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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