Moose Bendago became the second Juror in Big Brother Canada Season 10 / Picture Credit: Global
Moose Bendago became the second Juror in Big Brother Canada Season 10 / Picture Credit: Global

Big Brother Canada Season 10 continues to stun audiences with its twists and turns and last week, saw Moose Bendago evicted as the second member of the Jury.

Following the long Easter weekend, we caught up with Moose to chat all about his time in the House, the friendship he built with Hermon – despite thinking the two wouldn’t get along based on first impressions – and more!

You’ve had the weekend to decompress since your eviction, so how are you feeling now you’ve had a chance to let everything sink in?

I’m feeling lovely! I’m in the Jury House, I get to relax from Big Brother, my emotions are subsided and I feel really, really good. I’m honestly so happy about the way I played the game, I’m so proud of myself for what I did, for the things that I won and the times I was on the block, and got a little ‘Blockstar’ title too, which is fun. So, I’m honestly feeling good, feeling blessed, I’m on cloud nine. I’m chilling!

You may have been evicted but, you are officially a member of Jury! How does that feel?

It feels so cool! It’s unbelievable that I actually have a chance to vote on who wins this game. I was social so, I know everybody personally, especially the people that are left in the House so I think I’m gonna be able to make a really, really good decision based on other information that’s given to me. I think it’s a dream for people to win the game, but it’s also a dream to go as far as Jury House for people that love Big Brother. Even though I wasn’t a super fan, I understand how monumental this is and I’m really proud of myself.

Will you be trying to influence people at all in Jury when they start to come through the doors?

Ooh! I love that question and the answer is, just a little bit, I am! I’m gonna be trying to influence people’s vote based on information that I have. I’m gonna lay it all on the line. There are no secrets with Moose! As you know I played an honest game, so there’s gonna be no secrets when people walk through the Jury doors. I’m gonna tell them everything that they need to know in order to make their decision and, I might try to sway some people one way or the other. As you know, I’m a good campaigner so I’m good at swaying people.

What antics have you and Hermon been getting up to since you were sent to Jury?

We’ve honestly been binge-watching every single thing that we can! But we’ve been calculating and working hard on trying to understand different elements of the game that we didn’t know. We’re giving each other as much information as possible about what happened in the game and things that we’ve been thinking about, decisions that we could’ve made. Him and I aren’t regretful at all for what we did or decided to do inside the game but, in all honesty, we’ve just been laughing, goofing off and there might be an EP coming soon with some songs with me and Hermon! So, y’all better keep your eyes out for that.

Let’s go back to the start of the season, how did you feel when you walked into the House and saw all those bright colours and mystery doors?

I didn’t know how to feel! At first, everybody was giving me the death stare and I thought I’d walked into the wrong room! Getting used to those lights took me some time, it was so bright in there but the set was so beautiful. I think it’s gonna stand the test of time, I think it’s one of the most beautiful sets that Big Brother has had and, the Veto Wheel! Come on, the colours! Everything about the season was truly spectacular in the way that it looked and, seeing all those people that were playing the game with me got my heart going, got my mind racing and, it was truly such a blissful experience to finally walk through the Big Brother doors.

What was the experience like of being forced to interact with all these new people?

It was cool! You know what, I’m the type of person that loves to network. I go to networking events and I’m hustling every table so, it was kinda like that! It was like speed dating, slash networking, getting to know a lot of new people. I love meeting new faces and getting to know everybody so, it was amazing being forced to be with those people because, not only have they changed my life in the game and gave me new perspective but, they’ve changed my actual life in being able to know that I have some new friends to look out for and they’ve really given me a new perspective on the way that I move forward.

Was there anybody you didn’t feel you could ever get along with right off the bat? If so, why?

You know what’s so funny? I thought I was gonna hate Hermon the moment I walked in and saw him! When he came down those stairs and had his energy, I thought he was gonna be a person that, him and I would not get along at all! But as y’all know that definitely wasn’t the case and, he felt the same way about me – I got a little bit too close to him when we were talking one time – I think that was one person that shocked me the most. He went from someone I didn’t think I was gonna get along with to essentially being one of the closest people that I had in the House.

This week’s vote was another unanimous one. Were you shocked that you didn’t get any votes to save you?

I was not shocked at all! Everybody essentially told me that they were gonna vote for me and, the House has been voting all together. It’s been really weird compared to other Big Brother seasons. Everyone tells you if they’re voting for you and then you make a decision as a House. It happened in back-to-back weeks so… it wasn’t really a shock to me because I knew the reasons people were voting for me anyway.

Why ultimately do you think the Houseguests chose to send you to Jury over Summer?

I think they chose me because they knew I was somebody that had the potential to win it all. Summer hasn’t won a comp since this whole thing started and she hasn’t wanted to win a comp since this whole thing begun. I really think that the idea of having somebody in the game that really can win was something that they wanted to eradicate as well as, Summer has an incredible social game and is deeply tied with a lot of people in the House and I think that she made that abundantly clear by getting that unanimous vote and having people think that they can trust her much more than other people can. I think she’s done an incredible job in that and that’s why they sent me home instead of her.

Who are you hoping comes through that door behind you and takes the next spot in the Jury House and why?

I really want it to be Josh or Betty because they both did me dirty, and I gave them the Moose curse, told them that they’d have a swift eviction so I want them to both walk through those doors and ultimately, share with them a lot of stories about things that happened in the House and why they made the wrong decision in sending ya boy home!

Who at this point has shown you they have what it takes to go all the way and win this game?

It’s Marty! Marty has shown that he has everything that it takes to win Big Brother. He knows the game thoroughly, he’s won competitions when he needed to, he took out two big players in both of his HOH weeks so, he has all the tools to be the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 10.

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