Jacey-Lynne Graham was evicted from Big Brother Canada / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Global
Jacey-Lynne Graham was evicted from Big Brother Canada / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Global

As the tenth season of Big Brother Canada reaches its final week, one Houseguest was sent packing from the House and sent to Jury, just missing out on being able to compete in some of the final competitions and challenges that Big Brother has to throw at those still residing in the famous household.

Jacey-Lynne Graham was that evictee and here, she talks to Female First all about some of her finest memories of playing the game, as well as her volatile relationship with frenemy Haleena and, her showmance with fellow Houseguest, Gino.

Hi Jacey-Lynne! Congratulations on making it to this stage, how are you feeling after the eviction?

Honestly at this point, I’m feeling very relieved! The House was becoming a lot, especially in Final 5, the vibes were heavy, it was extremely intense so I’m just feeling like a sense of relief at this point, I’m just trying to unpack all of my feelings about everything that went down, but I’m feeling okay!

Despite leaving the House, you are now a member of the Jury! What does that feel like?

It’s really cool! Being a huge fan of the show, I’ve always wanted that Jury experience. In a way, I’m excited to be a part of it, even though I’m not still in the running for the grand prize, that’s okay! I’m excited to still have a say in who wins the game which was really important to me; if I couldn’t win I at least wanted to be a Jury member, so I’m super excited to be a part of it.

Do you have any plans as to what you’ll be getting up to in the Jury House?

I don’t know! I just got here and, there’s a lot happening. People are relaxing, people are working out, they’re getting back into their workouts and being outside, canoeing, it’s really good energy in here! It’s much different than the Big Brother Canada House! It’s great.

What will you be taking into consideration when you’re voting for a winner of this game?

I hope in a few business days I will be over everything that went down, so then I’ll be able to make a logical, strategic decision. I will say, this does seem like an extremely bitter Jury from what I’ve heard, so I think the questions are gonna be very intense on finale night which is kind of exciting! But I’m gonna be looking at things strategically, logically, who I really think played the best game and who deserves to take it all.

Out of those still left in the House, who do you think is running things?

I think it’s a toss-up between Josh and Kevin. I think that even though Haleena and Kevin have a Final 2, I really do think Kevin might choose Josh over Haleena, and Josh is definitely trying to take Kevin to Final 2. There’s no ifs, ands or buts, everyone wants to take Kevin to Final 2, so he’s pretty much running it right now. He has his picks, of who he kind of wants to bring him, and then I think he’s gonna end up pulling out a lot of information on finale night that none of us even saw coming.

Who do you think is going to have the hardest time making it to the end of this game?

Betty. I really think that if Betty doesn’t win the POV this week, she’ll be walking through the Jury doors next. At this point I’m kind of rooting for her, I want Haleena to walk through the Jury doors, that’s just me being bitter! But, I really do think that it’d be sweet to see Betty stick around, especially now knowing she’s a fourth wheel in that House it’d be cool to see her hustle and make her way through yet again.

You had quite the reaction to Haleena’s goodbye message, what did you make of it?

I couldn’t believe I said that! I was like, ‘don’t act like that, oh my God!’, but that was honestly so genuine. I just can’t believe you would pull me into the pantry, I was like, ‘this is straight up just for Jury management’, she’s telling me how much she respects me as a friend, wants to be friends with me outside the House, then you hit somebody with a goodbye message like that! I’m just like, it doesn’t add up! The strategy’s off, I don’t know what she was thinking when she did it, but now I’m more mad than ever. I’m kind of like, that was personal! I don’t know what to make of it.

Can you tell us a little more about your relationship with Haleena?

It’s very odd! When we first came into the game we hit it off like this *crosses fingers*, it was great, good vibes all around and then, as soon as she flipped on the vote the first time to evict Steph and never told me she was going to do that, something was off with her, I didn’t fully trust her. Then the friction just kept growing as the game went on, then of course the triple eviction came, the fight went down, everything blew up and then I just knew, she’s not somebody that I can trust in the game at all. That’s how I feel, I’m a little bit bitter towards her right now.

How about your relationship with Gino?

Jacey-Lynne and Gino formed a romantic bond in the Big Brother Canada House / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Global
Jacey-Lynne and Gino formed a romantic bond in the Big Brother Canada House / Picture Credit: Courtesy of Global

Okay, Gino’s much different than Haleena! Much like Haleena and I hit it off right away though, I think Gino and I did as well. It’s odd, we were a part of the Honey Bunch and then, as soon as Hermon was trying to put together The Retreat, I just knew, it was something about Gino I was like, ‘I just know he’s gonna be my Number 1 in this game, we’re gonna end up working together’. I didn’t know if it was going to be on a friendship level or a showmance level, but I just knew, something about him, ‘I’m gonna work with the guy’, so I made it happen. He was avoiding me the first week, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna be talking to you buddy! We’re gonna make this happen!’

Where do you think things went wrong for you in your game?

It sucks, because I don’t think there’s a huge piece of what went wrong. I do think, as soon as Gino left, that’s when my whole game kind of crumbled but, who knew that Marty was gonna be using gummy bears to make decisions that week?! We couldn’t have seen that coming! So, that’s when things started to crumble and, then definitely just knowing who I was gonna be left in the House with after the triple eviction, I was like, ‘I don’t even know what to make of this situation’.

Of course not winning the POV this week was detrimental, that’s what sent me home. If I could have won the POV I would still be in there, but I can’t dwell on it now, but I think that’s where I went wrong, just not being able to pull out the win this week.

Looking back is there anything you’d change that you think could have helped you stay in the House that little bit longer?

I think I did really all I could. I pretty much gave Betty my entire game, I was like, ‘here is all of my loyalty, everything I have, all of my cards are on the table right now, we need to work together in order to move forward in this game’. She just was so emotional in her head, felt played by Gino and I and threw me up on the block and, I think she’s gonna realise that was to her detriment as well.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time in the House?

Although slop was terrible, I think those are some of the funniest moments. I wouldn't go back and do it again, I really wouldn’t because it’s horrible, but I think some of the funniest memories came out of slop.

I also think 1,000 Nights of Jay fashion show was amazing, such a good bonding experience, and of course I loved winning my first POV! Master Bakers was it for me, that’s what launched my confidence in the game, got me started, I hit the block for the first time so I had a little fire under my butt and then I was really proving to my alliance that I was not expendable and I can pull my weight, which was great for my game.

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