Josh managed to fend off Gino in the first eviction of the night / Picture Credit: Global
Josh managed to fend off Gino in the first eviction of the night / Picture Credit: Global

The most chaotic night in Big Brother Canada Season 10 took place at the end of last week (April 22nd, 2022), which saw not one, not two, but three Houseguests evicted from the House. Gino, Summer and Marty were each sent packing but are now members of the Jury, and will have a say in who wins this season. Here, we chat to them all about their game, where things went wrong and more, in an exclusive interview.

How are you all feeling after the drama and the chaos of the triple eviction?

Gino: I wasn’t part of the triple eviction but, before the triple eviction obviously I was in the situation of that I was on the block… I was not happy about that, I was trying to avoid that. I got ambushed, I wanted to be a team player, it bit me in the ass, I’m out of the House right now. But I did expect from the triple Marty would be coming out of there pretty soon after me; I didn’t expect Summer though, that was a big surprise.

Summer: It was a mess! Really and truly, it was a mess. I was backstabbed, betrayed and blindsided and let’s just be real, I’m now a petty Jury member so, yeah! It was a mess!

Marty: It was quite the night, to be honest. I really hoped that we could’ve stuck the five together as I don’t think we’d be sitting here but, I guess the team had too much cracks in it. I didn’t see that; I knew there was a chance that Kevin would flip but I didn’t think he had something so solid in Haleena and Josh so I was blindsided. Great move by them honestly, they’re great players.

Despite leaving the House you are now all members of the Jury, so what does that feel like?

Gino: Still feels good for me because the experience is not yet over. Obviously in the Jury it’s gonna be more relaxed, less stress, because that House drives you insane. But I wanna make a logical decision at the end of the day, I don’t wanna play an emotional game. I wanna make sure it’s a well-rounded player that takes this season.

Summer: It feels good, this is a huge accomplishment and I said it once, and I’ll say it again: in Big Brother Canada, the person with the final say and the ultimate power, will always and forever be the woman with the afro so, let’s see how this all goes down!

Marty: I’m very, very proud I made it to Jury. Like Gino said, I’m looking to find the person that will represent Season 10 the best so, the best player possible. I think there’s still a lot to be played from here to then so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s gonna happen.

Out of those still left in the House, who do you think are running things?

Summer: You know, I think it’s the schemer Kevin! He has some people dancing around for him. He… yeah, I actually think he’s the one running the show. It’s Kevin. The schemer. Maybe the slight villain of the show but, he’s got his plans in place and I think he’s going to follow through and push himself to the end.

Gino: I would say the same thing. He’s the one that’s been leading the House. I know Josh was a part of it, Josh is a strong player and Josh is the one that made the decision for the triple eviction, but I do feel like Kevin is the one that’s master-planning all of this.

Marty: I definitely, definitely think that Kevin is running the show right now. However, I don’t think he’ll be able to beat Josh at the end in comps so, I think Josh and Haleena take it.

Who do you think is going to have the hardest time making it to the end of this season?

Marty: Haleena.

Summer: I think that… who do I think? I think maybe Jacey-Lynne, because she has quite a few people coming after her. If betty does decide to work with her then that is still something that will be beneficial but, for the most-part she has at least three people coming after her so, it’s gonna be an uphill battle for sure.

Gino: I’d say Jaycee has an uphill battle, but she’s proven herself that she can actually win comps, and if she goes and works with Betty, Betty is just about to win a comp as well, she’s proven in the POV, she’s won that. So, if they work together they could actually make some damage in the House. But besides that, I would say Haleena would have a hard time because she obviously can’t win much.

Marty and Summer were evicted back to back in the triple eviction / Picture Credit: Global
Marty and Summer were evicted back to back in the triple eviction / Picture Credit: Global

Of those people left in the House, who do you wanna see join you in Jury next?

Marty: If she gets to the end it wouldn’t effect my vote but, the one thing that hurt me, just before I left in the pantry, Haleena came to see me and she was like, ‘Marty, I had your back, if there was a way to save you I would’, and then you guys saw at the end I just realised I only needed two votes. I was like, ‘Jacey-Lynne, Haleena, if you guys join with me right now, we can flip this’, and Haleena’s the person that stopped it. So, basically when she came in the pantry she was just coming for the Jury vote and, hopefully she walks right by and I say, ‘you should’ve not turned on me’.

Where do you think things went wrong for you in your game?

Gino: (laughs) Well, we all know about the gummy situation! I think that’s where it all went wrong. I should’ve never said yes to that, I should’ve just eaten that gummy bear! I wouldn’t have been part of that situation so I’d have never been on that block. I’m sure if I would’ve stayed, we were just talking about the HOH comp that just went by, I’m a trivia king, I proved it twice, there’s only one I didn’t play because I was HOH that week so, I was very confident I would take another trivia and I’d probably still be there. I’d have probably sent Marty home and then Kevin.

Summer: I love that.

Looking back, is there anything you think you could have changed to stay in the House?

Summer: Yes, for one I wouldn’t align myself with the entire House! Having eight alliances on my side made it very difficult to give it my all in competitions because, if I had to sit and think ‘who would I put up?’, it would be one of my alliance members so that just messed me up. I would say also overlooking some players or, underestimating some players definitely bit me on the booty! Lastly, I think after all my alliances fell apart, I was just a solo player relying on my individual relationships so, if I had formed something small with other people in the House, that might have protected me in the last quarter of the game.

Do you have any plans as to what you’ll be getting up to in the Jury house?

Summer: I know probably people will think that I’m getting up to Hermon because we had a flirtmance! But I’m honestly just gonna be focusing on getting myself centred, maybe I’ll meditate, go on a little kayak ride by myself, eating some good food; I am just trying to relax because I am broken and I am emotional right now and I don’t wanna feel this way, so it’s just gonna be focusing on myself.

What will you be taking into consideration when voting for a winner of the game?

Gino: I don’t wanna make an emotional decision, I wanna make a logical decision. I wanna see a well-rounded player take this season so, I wanna see their social game, their comps, I wanna take the whole big picture and make my decision that way.

What are some of your favourite memories of your time in the House?

Marty: Ooft! Honestly there’s a lot. First night when we came in, met everybody. For me, the HOH I won on the wall, I was so proud of that one because that was like a battle with myself, my body, everything. I’d say just meeting everybody and that comp, really I loved and I was able to pull that one off.

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