With hit E! series Botched back on hayu and E! for its fourth season, we got the chance to catch up with Dr. Paul Nassif, to find out some of his top tips for those considering plastic surgery, his dream cases, most challenging procedures and more! Read on to find out what he had to say…

Dr. Paul Nassif

Dr. Paul Nassif

Top 5 Tips For Those Thinking About Plastic Surgery

  1. Do your research and make sure it’s a certified surgeon you’re contemplating seeing.
  2. I’m not sure if this is the same in the UK as it is in the US, but make sure your doctor has the credentials to work in a hospital, as this means they’re actually allowed to perform the surgery.
  3. Also ensure that your doctor specialises in the procedure you’re looking for. Just because he/she’s a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean he/she can do everything.
  4. Look at the reviews from other patients.
  5. Lastly, go by your gut feeling. When you go to the appointment you want to ensure you feel safe with the office, the staff and nurses. Just make sure there aren’t any red flags.

Who have been your dream cases?

A couple of seasons ago we had Luci, who had ruined her nose on a moped when driving into a wall in Italy. She had multiple surgeries done at Harvard in Boston, but she still couldn’t stand her nose. She has a daughter with autism and she felt so self-conscious that she wouldn’t go out and do anything with her daughter. We ordered her a CT scan in which we actually found out she had an aneurism, and that was really scary because we had technically saved her life. She then came back after and we were able to change her nose and finally, she was happy to go out and do things with her daughter. I went to her reveal, which I don’t usually get the chance to go to and her daughter gave me a cute little drawing of me and thanked me for saving her life.

Dr. Terry Dubrow co-leads procedures alongside Dr. Nassif
Dr. Terry Dubrow co-leads procedures alongside Dr. Nassif

What Botched procedure has been the most challenging to rectify on a patient?

The hardest procedures are the complex nasal reconstructions. With these you have to be so careful, because the skin of the nose can be very destroyed and turns black and can fall off. It’s extremely difficult and scary.

What are the current most popular procedures patients are now requesting?

When on the show it is mostly reconstructions that I work on, but locally and on a day-to-day basis it is rhinoplasties. I also get a lot of people coming to me about upper eyelid lifts, too.

In your opinion, which celebrities have had the best surgery?

Without naming names, I definitely think that celebrities nowadays are really having better surgery. It’s looking a lot more natural than ever which is really great.

Botched season 4 is now available to stream Mondays on hayu and to watch Tuesdays at 9pm on E!

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