With RuPaul's Drag Race becoming such a huge cultural phenomenon around the globe, it was only a matter of time before the UK got its own version! BBC Three are on board to bring the British show to fans a little later this year, but ahead of time, we've decided to pick out seven of our favourite UK drag queens that we hope make it onto the show for its first outing.

7. Freida Slaves

Freida Slaves is a queen who's unafraid to let her facial hair steal the spotlight! Drag is a constantly-evolving art form, and that's something Freida is unafraid to tackle. With her finger on the pulse, she could be a fierce competitor whenever she hits the runway, and it'd be very interesting to see just how she'd tackle the strange array of challenges that Ru has cooked up for her first cast of British queens.

6. Candy Warhol

Serving premium fish, Candy Warhol doesn't only have one of the best drag names we've ever heard, but the talent to back it up. As the co-host of Dragony Aunts on Comedy Central UK, she's already earned herself a legion of fans and enjoyed a splash of showbusiness; could she be looking to take her showbiz career to the next level with a run on Drag Race UK?

5. Divina De Campo

Divina De Campo is one of the most well-versed drag queens in Britain when it comes to ensuring her name is in lights. With her broad Northern accent and brilliant sense of humour, she's a real treat to behold if you get the chance to check her out live. Plus, who can forget that incredible audition on The Voice UK? We've no idea why none of the coaches turned around!

4. Meth

Imagine painting your face at 3.30am and still looking this incredible! Meth is one of the most recognisable names on the UK drag scene, and it'll be scandalous if she doesn't make it onto the first-ever season of Drag Race UK. We imagine producers will have been chasing her down to join the competition, so it will be a case of whether or not Meth wants to take on the challenge, or continue enjoying her own success away from the show!

3. Tayce

If you're looking for a queen who knows how to serve looks, then you've found her in Tayce. Dangerous underappreciated on the UK drag scene, Tayce is somebody that would without a doubt win the hearts of the audience watching at home. Let's hope she's given a chance to shine on Drag Race UK, if indeed she wants it!

2. Baga Chipz

Another huge name in UK drag is Baga Chipz. She's starred on the TV show Drag Queens of London, and fast become one of the most beloved queens of the country. As the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Battered Sausage", she's got a naughty sense of humour, that even the most crude of queens would be shocked to hear. Let's hope her infectious personality is one we can watch in the weeks to come on Drag Race UK!

1. Cheddar Gorgeous

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With drag queens forever chasing the future, and attempting to buck trends and set their own, Cheddar Gorgeous is sheer futuristic beauty. We've seen her work as a "drag daddy" on Channel 4's Drag SOS, where her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent was on full display. If she does indeed make up some of the first Drag Race UK season's ranks, then she'll quickly become a frontrunner.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK is coming to BBC Three later this year.

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