Picture Credits (l-r): BBC, Prime Video, Netflix
Picture Credits (l-r): BBC, Prime Video, Netflix

Happy Earth Day!

This year, globally, the environment is a hotter topic than ever. From your sofa, get comfortably uncomfortable watching the following documentaries, which will reveal some hard-to-swallow truths about the world we live in.

Seaspiracy - Available on Netflix

The most talked-about documentary of 2021, Seaspiracy, will leave you both shocked and saddened by the environmental impact of the fishing industry. The documentary is directed and stars British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, who takes his camera around the globe to highlight fishing practices that are hindering our oceans.

If you still want more, check out Cowspiracy on Netflix and Prime Video. It will certainly have you thinking before you dig into your next cheeseburger.

I Am Greta - Available on BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Rakuten TV

Greta Thunberg has become a household name worldwide. As I am sure you already know, Greta is a climate activist through and through. Her documentary follows her international crusade to encourage people to stop climate change before it gets too late. This film is a perfect Earth Day watch, especially for any burgeoning teenage activists.

The True Cost - Available on Prime Video

This Earth Day pick is ideal for any shopaholics or fashionistas out there. The True Costs follows filmmaker Andrew Morgan on a global adventure to find out more about who exactly is producing the clothes for the world’s fashion. The socio-economic issues in the fashion industry and the effects fast fashion has on the planet are shown with intricate detail throughout.

Planet Earth - Available on BBC iPlayer

David Attenborough pioneered environmental documentaries! What better way to enjoy Earth Day than listening to his soothing, meditative voice while enjoying the award-winning wildlife series. Attenborough takes viewers on a journey from remote islands to bustling cities, revealing how animals, nature and humans co-exist.

Honeyland - Available on Rakuten TV and Prime Video

This Sundance-winning documentary, Honeyland, follows a woman utilising ancient beekeeping traditions in the mountains of North Macedonia. With no narration at all, the story is told through visual terms, and the photography will make you want to watch over and over. The important note from this film is the decline in the bee population, the power of climate change, and the ongoing rise in consumerism.

2040 - Available on Google Play, YouTube, and Prime Video

2040 takes form as a visual letter from the filmmaker Damon Gameau to his 4-year-old daughter at the time. The film astonished the world on its release, as it outlines what the world could look like in 20 years’ time if nothing is done to help protect the environment. Both entertaining and uplifting, 2040 will surely inspire you to think about your environmental impact, especially the for the sake of the next generation.

You can stream these entertaining yet educational documentaries on your favourite streaming services through any Roku streaming devices.

If you get inspired by our shortlist of Earth Day documentaries, let us know, we’d love to see it.

Happy streaming!

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