Homeland the Complete Fourth Season is out today on Blu-ray and DVD. Before we divulge in a box set binge we've put together a short, sharp retrospective for you re-capping on all the drama so far.

Season 1

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Top CIA Agent Carrie (Claire Danes) has been given a message from a trusted source that a prisoner of war has been turned into a terrorist. During this time Sgt. Brody has been found in Iran, after being held as a prisoner of war for eight years. He returns to his shocked wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) and two children Dana (Morgan Saylor) and Chris (Jackson Pace) and tries to re-gain some sense of normality.

Convinced that the Brody is prisoner turned, Carrie becomes obsessed with proving that on Brody is working for Abu Nahzir (Navid Negahban), the terrorist leader of al-Qaeda. She organises to meet Brody and gains his trust. She quickly starts a romantic relationship with him.

Battling her instincts, feelings for Brody and the strong opinion of her confidante and colleague Saul (Mandy Pantankin) Carrie continues to believe Brody is the enemy.

After discovering that his wife is having an affair with his best friend, Brody decides to take things to the next level with Carrie and spends a weekend with her at her parent's lake cabin. During this trip both Brody and Carrie realise they have genuine feelings for each other. Carrie who has been monitoring Brody since he arrived home from Iran slips up and reveals his preferred tea, without ever being told. Brody makes the connection and realises that Carrie is working against him. He admits to befriending terrorist Abu Nahzir, who showed him kindness and the way of Islam during his time in Iran, but did not convert him into a terrorist.

During this time Saul has discovered that the true turned prisoner of war is in fact Brody's old friend, whom he thought he had killed, soldier Tom Walker. The rest of the series surrounds a man hunt to find Tom Walker and the choice Brody must make between his family and his loyalty to Nazir.

Carrie who is bipolar sufferer becomes increasingly distressed after a hurt Brody tells her to stay away from him and his family and is then consequently fired from the CIA.

Season 2

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

After her stint in an institution receiving electric shock therapy for her bipolar Carrie is lying low when she is tracked down by Saul. He needs her to travel to Bipruit to get information from an ally who will only speak to her. She agrees. The ally reveals her husband's plan to meet Nazir the next day. Carrie breaks into the couple's apartment and steals a bag containing a video message of Brody admitting to working for al-Qaeda, which he later shows to a very confused Carrie.

Meanwhile, Brody becomes a much loved U.S congressman. It's confirmed Brody is al-Queda mole when he is contacted by Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) a respected TV journalist. Much to Brody's dismay, the pair continue to liaise and Roya reveals why Brody has some loyalty to Abu Nahzir.

Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is the CIA agent who has been put in charge of capturing Brody. He convinces Carrie to get back in touch with Brody, which she agrees to. After an elaborate plan to capture Brody for questioning is successful, Quinn and Carrie partner up and play good cop/bad cop to convince Brody to work as a double agent to finally get Nazir.

The rest of the season surrounds Brody working as a double agent to track down Nazir all whilst continuing a romantic relationship with a very confused Carrie.

Season 3

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

The spotlight is on the CIA after a mass attack kills many of its CIA agents, including the previous Director. The attack is blamed on Brody after a bomb exploded from his car. Saul is promoted director, seconded by Dar Adal, who pushes him to go ahead with a coordinated lethal strikes on six main henchman in different countries. Saul admits that Carrie was having a relationship with a much hunted Brody.

Carrie is admitted back to a psychiatric ward to get her bipolar episodes by the hands of Saul. Here she is visited by a lawyer requesting Carrie meet his client. The client turns out to be Leland Bennett a lawyer for a bank that assists Iranian terrorists and wanted CIA intel from Carrie.

After feeling the country Brody manages to escape to Caracas, Venezuela. A friend of Carrie's looks after him a little more closely than he wishes. During this time Brody becomes addicted to heroin. Brody was saved from this hell by Saul who recruits Brody once again to act as a double agent. In one last act, he kills General Akbari, the man he was sent to kill in the first place

Carrie takes Brody to safe house and organises to be rescued by the CIA. During their evening Carrie reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Brody is ecstatic about the news. In the early hours of the morning Carrie believes her rescuers have arrived but in actual fact they have been hunted down by the Iranians. Brody is captured and the season comes to an earth shattering end.

Homeland Season 4 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now

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