Alan Carr "got choked up" when he saw Oliver Savell's audition tape for 'Changing Ends'.

Alan Carr got choked up when he watched youngsters audition to play him

Alan Carr got choked up when he watched youngsters audition to play him

The 46-year-old comedian has written and stars in the semi-autobiographical sitcom that charts his rise from bullied kid to renowned television star and received more than 450 tapes from young actors wanting to play him in the series and recalled noting that there was "something there" when he saw the audition tape of the series' young star.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', he told showbiz reporter Ria Hebden: "I'm filming a sitcom based on my life. We've done my home life, we've done the school and now we are here. This looks just like the Country Ground. I spent every Saturday here watching my dad up the cobblers. My childhood was really funny and it was bittersweet, the show is warm, it's funny and the boy playing me, Olly [Savell], is such a talent. We searched everywhere for little Alan and I got over 450 tapes from people thinking they could play me as a kid. Some of them were so heartwarming, some of them were just downright offensive but Olly sent his tape in and there was something there. I got choked up watching it, I hope people laugh, I hope people have a

The former 'Chatty Man' star is also known for his close friendship with singing superstar Adele and went on to joke that it would be amazing if she could sing the theme tune and joked that if the show became as successful as 'The Crown', he could well be played by Olivia Colman, who starred as the late Queen Elizabeth in the hit Netflix drama.

He added: "If [Adele] sang the theme tune! 'Changing ends...' You never know, it might be as big as 'The Crown', Olivia Colman might play me in the next series!"

'Changing Ends' is available to stream on ITVX from 1 June.