Alan Carr has hailed Lorraine Kelly as the "queen of no-nonsense".

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The 43-year-old comedian has heaped praise on the veteran TV presenter during his review of 2019, saluting Lorraine for the way in which she dealt with Jennifer Arcuri during an on-air spat.

Reflecting on Lorraine's feisty approach during the interview, the 'Celebrity Re-Play 2019' host said: "Meow! That was Lorraine Kelly, who emerged as 2019's queen of no nonsense.

"The Glaswegian really came out in Lorraine there - it wasn't as much a grilling as a deep-frying!"

During the awkward interview, Lorraine questioned Jennifer about her relationship with Boris Johnson.

And she subsequently blasted the US businesswoman for "not answering any questions".

She added: "What's the point?"

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Alan admitted he was sleepwalking "naked" over fears about hosting a new TV show.

The former 'Chatty Man' host returned to TV screens with 'Something About Movies' on Sky, and he confessed to fretting about it so much that it disturbed his sleep in the most embarrassing way.

He said: "I've had anxiety because of this new show. You know I'm a very nervous person. I'm staying in a hotel. I slept walked in my pants. And it really shook me up.

"I remember in the morning this woman walking her dog going 'what are you doing?' Walked round the car park in my pants. This old woman said 'what are you doing?'

"It's so funny how quick they do check you back in when you're naked in the foyer. It was very weird. It terrified me, literally terrified me."