Simon Cowell told Alan Carr his 'Britain's Got Talent' snub was just "showbusiness".

Alan Carr reveals awkward moment with Simon Cowell

Alan Carr reveals awkward moment with Simon Cowell

The 47-year-old comedian had heard he was in the running to replace David Walliams on the panel of the ITV talent show, only for former 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Bruno Tonioli to land the role.

Alan - who was initially oblivious to the situation besides reports in the press - had an awkward moment when he bumped into Simon at a party hosted by Amanda Holden.

As quoted by The Sun newspaper, he recalled: "I go through the door and, oh great, Simon’s in there.

“So, as I always do, with my best humour I went over there and said, ‘My wrist has been hurting all weekend practising that bloody buzzer and you went for Bruno.’

“He just said, [mimicking Cowell] ‘Alan, that’s showbusiness.' "

He joked it was "the worst time" for a chance meeting with the talent show boss.

He added: “It was just the worst time to meet someone. Of all the people, I was like, ‘Oh s***!’ But it is showbiz, isn’t it?

"And I like Bruno. My only regret is I love working with Amanda — it would have been lovely.”

Alan - who has worked with Amanda on two series of their 'Italian Job' travellogue for the BBC - quickly took his kind words back and teased that he wouldn't want her in Corfu for 'Mamma Mia! I A Have A Dream' filming.

He quipped: “Scrap that answer, I don’t want Amanda on holiday with me because she’s too bossy.

“She bosses me about on 'Italian Job', she’s not bossing me about on this, this is my holiday.

“This is so easy going and so lovely. This is like a spa break. This is like going on the tea cups and then moving on to the waltzers when I work with Amanda.”

He's part of the panel alongside Jessie Ware, Amber Riley and Samantha Barks as they look to find the next big West End stars, and he's happy with how things worked out.

He added: "Listen, it’s not as if I’m not busy. So listen, BGT never worked out, but hey, I’m in Corfu with these gorgeous girls having the best laugh, I’m being entertained.

“I mean, I love Greece, I love ABBA and [gesturing to his fellow judges] I love these three.”