Alex Horne says Channel 4 have kept their promise not to "change a thing" about 'Taskmaster'.

Alex Horne is delighted with Channel 4's approach

Alex Horne is delighted with Channel 4's approach

The 43-year-old comedian - who was the brains behind the hit game show - has praised the broadcaster for their approach to the programme, which started as a live act at Edinburgh Fringe Festival before launching on Dave and making the jump to its current home in 2020.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Hot TV column: "This is what sold it. They didn't change a thing.

"We were keen to not have Channel 4 names in it and they haven't done that. We have a real mix of guests. They didn't want people to think, 'Oh they have ruined it.' "

Alex was surprised by the "bidding war" over his show - which is co-hosted by Greg Davies and sees comedians and TV stars competing in a variety of bizarre challenges - but he didn't see an issue with changing channels.

He explained: "I never expected to be in the middle of a slight bidding war. I was shocked anyone cared about it but shows do move channels. Look at 'Bake Off'.

"It wasn't like a footballer moving clubs where there can be an outcry because of loyalty to a team or area.

"On TV, it's just a number on the box. If you get the offer of a bigger audience you'd be mad not to take it... It's more about the audience than the money."

Meanwhile, he insisted Greg - known as the Tastmaster himself - is irreplaceable, and there's no real backup plan if he was ever unavailable due to illness.

Alex explained: "Greg is irreplaceable and that's the case whether there is Covid in the world or not. We have stand-ins for the contestants but not for Greg or even me."