Amy Dowden and Stacey Solomon have led tributes to influencer Nicky Newman after she died of breast cancer aged 35.

Amy Dowden leads tributes as influencer Nicky Newman dies of breast cancer aged 35

Amy Dowden leads tributes as influencer Nicky Newman dies of breast cancer aged 35

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional dancer - who is being treated for breast cancer - thanked the late cancer campaigner, who had stage four breast cancer for five-and-a-half years, for being a "true inspiration" and for raising awareness of the disease.

She wrote on Instagram: "the most beautiful ray of sunshine who has done so much and created a community and legacy that will live on. I hope you know all the help and awareness you have done and will always continue to do so. I remember when I found out I needed a port your page I turned too! I will forever hold onto your lovely voice notes and will always think of you when I say Welsh Love. Thank you for being utterly incredible and a TRUE INSPIRATION. I promise to grab life and deeply miss your radiance and positivity X love to Mr G, your family, friends and huge community you created online (sic)"

Amy's comments come after a post on Nicky's Instagram, written before her passing, revealed she had died.

It read: "If you’re reading this it means I have died, I made it 5 and half years though, not bad for a stage 4 breastie ey.

"And none of this ‘she fought her battle nonsense’, I didn’t lose anything, the cancer eventually took over and that’s okay, we all knew this would happen.

"I don’t think we are ever prepared to hear the words, we think we are indestructible and a magic cure will appear, but the truth is we all live this life day to day (we just knew our days are shorter).

"So please promise me to cherish those around you and give your friends and loved ones the biggest squeezes! GO GRAB LIFE! You never truly know what is coming around the corner - so don’t take anything for granted.

"You have all become a part of my legacy, my “Instagramily” in MR.G’s words and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here every step of the way. There is more to come (with some amazing things in the works) that will aim to continue that legacy, so stick around and keep being the amazing bootiful hoomans you all already are!

"I’m a believer in energies and if people hold on to the positive energy we have created from this and other pages like it, then I will always be with you.

"Mr.G has some words to follow as we both wanted to do this part together x

"Love you all my bootiful hoomans! Nicky (sic)"

Stacey commented: "Nick. I love you. So grateful I got to meet and know you. Promise to grab life every single day (sic)"

TV presenter Gaby Roslin added: "You were an absolute joy and an inspiration and you filled the room with such great energy. What a good soul you were. My huge love to your family and your friends. I do hope you knew how much you were loved and adored (sic)"

Former 'Geordie Shore' star Vicky Pattison wrote: "I'm lost for words. Beautiful words angel. Fly high (sic)"

Nicky's husband Alex, who was affectionately known as Mr.G by her loyal followers, also paid tribute to his late wife.

He wrote: "Nicky never accepted half measures, she took life with both hands and made each moment special and memorable. She has created a legacy here, a place where anyone can see that life is for positivity and smiles and happiness. Even through hardship…even if it seems impossible.

"Nicky has still got some incredible things to share on here and I am hoping you will stick around to see them come to fruition. I will share it with you in her place, just as she would have wanted. I just ask you bare with me a little.

"Last night there was a lightning storm right above our house, my girls way of reminding us to Go Grab Life and make it count

"Love to every single one of you, be safe and be good to each other x (sic)"