Ant Middleton riled up Anthea Turner by calling her "grandma" on 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dare Wins'.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

The 59-year-old star is the oldest recruit on the upcoming series, and she admitted the 39-year-old former soldier did what he could to motivate her on the Channel 4 reality show.

She said: "What was designed to rile me up was Ant constantly saying, 'Come on, Grandma!'

"I remember looking at him and thinking, 'I am actually old enough to have given birth to you. I'm not your grandma but I can be your mum.'

"Maturity helps in situations like this because I hadn't gone in there to reaffirm things about myself. The elixir of youth is not in a pot of cream, it's your attitude."

Anthea didn't get a chance to see another side to Ant and his directing staff because the team made sure to "keep their distance", even off camera.

She explained: "They keep their distance. If anybody thinks that because it's celebrities taking part in the series, the DS will be all chummy when the cameras are off, they not.

"They are exactly the same as you see them on camera. They keep a complete distance from us. We never saw them drop their guard."

The former 'Blue Peter' host also insisted her age was never a factor in her decision to sign up to the gruelling boot camp.

She added: "Yeah, I was the oldest there but when you get an opportunity to do something like this there was no thought process, it was just 'Yes, I'm going to have a go!'

"To be honest, I knew what would be my downfall and I was right, which is my cardiovascular.

"If you have to do anything to prepare yourself for some of the things that you need to do in this series, you basically need to train for a marathon."

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