Anthea Turner's sister has opened up about their feud.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

The TV presenter and her sibling Wendy Turner Webster have not spoken in two years due to a falling out over a loan Anthea made to Wendy and Wendy has blasted her sibling for pushing her "to the edge of madness".

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, she said: "I'm profoundly hurt my own sister could behave in a way that has taken me to the edge of madness.

"It's why I've had to cut all ties with Anthea - and it gives me no pleasure to have to say that in public.

"As I sit here, all I feel is sadness and regret and bitter disappointment that money could have come between us quite so catastrophically."

Wendy, 51, claims she borrowed money off Anthea, 58, to tide her and her husband over while they waited for a commission from a business deal but when the commission did not come through, Wendy alleges Anthea pressured them to repay the debt.

She said: "We will always be eternally grateful to Anthea for helping us out of what we believed was a temporary hole.

"We would never have accepted the loan if we were in any doubt about being able to repay it.

"She knew we were working hard to achieve that yet she turned the screws tighter and tighter.

"She bombarded us with emails and calls demanding to know when she was going to get her money.

"All we could do was apologise and assure her we were working night and day."

However, sources close to Anthea say her and Wendy's parents Brian, 85, and Jean, 88, will be "heartbroken to read Wendy's twisted version after ¬everything Anthea has done to help".

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