Anthea Turner still has "love" for her ex-husband Grant Bovey.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

The 56-year-old presenter divorced the businessman in 2015 after he cheated on her with Zoe De Mallet Morgan and though she was devastated at his betrayal, she has found peace and now considers him part of her family.

When asked whether there was a bit of her that still loved her ex-husband, she said: "Love is one of those words interpreted in different ways but of course I still love him... I think we do use the word love a little bit more freely now, we love members of our family, friends. But are you in love? No, that's completely different...

"I believe in second chances. Not third, second."

The former GMTV host is releasing her book 'How to Survive Divorce' and admitted she was "struggling" to cope with the split last year and acted out by drinking, staying in bed and doing "crazy things" but eventually turned to therapy for help.

She said on 'Lorraine' on Thursday (18.05.17): "Mid-last year I was really struggling. I spoke to therapists because friends and family are fantastic but there's only so much they can do. In the same way you get your hair cut and your teeth done, go to a therapist. I think to really get over something like this it's three to four years and it's harder as you get older. The optimism of youth isn't there.

"I drunk too much, I had duvet days, you do crazy things, you think you can look for the sticky plaster relationship."

Anthea said that a chapter of her book is called "avoid" and admits she would have "walked through hot coals" rather than get a divorce at the time.

She explained: "It is an awful journey you're going to put yourself on, and not just you - it's not just about two people. We'd been together for 16 years so there's friends, there's family, there's my stepdaughters... it's not just selfishly about two people."

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