Anton Du Beke says 'Strictly Come Dancing' host Tess Daly is a "delight", and isn't "dull" like judge Craig Revel Horwood claimed.

Anton Du Beke

Anton Du Beke

The 52-year-old says Craig, 53, was wrong for talking out about Tess, 49, and although he accepts the dance expert is outspoken he is adamant he "should know better" than to say that about a colleague.

Speaking to The Sun's Bizarre TV column, Anton said: "That's Craig, isn't it. I absolutely don't think Tess is boring. Tess is a delight. He does like to run his mouth. He was teasing I think, but he should know better."

Craig made the comment about Tess whilst on a tour to promote his new book 'In Strictest Confidence', complaining about the "dull questions" she asks him on the live shows.

During a Q&A in Oxford, he said: "The book is honest like me but on the telly I wear my judge's hat. I can't be myself. I like to joke about and do all that stuff. I might raise an eyebrow or two. In those ten or 20 seconds where I have to answer Tess's quite dull questions actually ... I tend to avoid them and not answer if I'm super honest. If there is anyone here from the press I did not say that. I am BBC. I only have 20 secs to decide what to say about the dance."

In the same talk, Craig also mocked his fellow judge Shirley Ballas' "bazooka boobs".

He said: "I showed my book to the BBC and they cut one part about Shirley's breasts. I don't know if you want to hear it? What happened is that she came to the audition and literally had her thing open to her navel. I am not joking. Her boobs were like la bazooka things hanging out ... It was not very, erm, 'Strictly'. So they came in and sewed all that up. Then they had to push them down ... and they're fake."