Cara Delevingne bared all in the woods while filming 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 27-year-old model joined the adventurer for his series to help keep clear her mind, and while learning important survival skills, she found herself feeling so comfortable she decided to strip off.

Cara told Bear after heading off into the forest that she "took off all my clothes and just sat there".

She added: "I was so comfortable. I cried and cried, you feel so un-judged."

The 45-year-old survival expert gave the 'Suicide Squad' star the full experience, and even tickled her taste buds by cooking a rat.

Surprisingly, Cara enjoyed the dish after learning how to gut the rodent with her bare hands.

She added: "To be honest it didn't taste that bad. It was very chewy.

"It was just the whole thing of gutting it first with my fingers and then eating it not that soon after. That was a weird experience."

Bear took Cara on a two-day trek across the mountains of Sardinia, and he found it "inspiring" taking her on the trek.

He said: "I think the great strength of 'Running Wild' is that you have time on these journeys to get to know the real person and to hear their stories.

"It's not like a chat show where you're just trying to tell a funny story for two minutes. When you have to spend two days together, you really get to know someone.

"She had so many battles growing up with a mother who was a heroin addict and her whole dynamic through school, and I just thought she's such an inspirational person for so many people.

"To see her in such an unguarded, real way as she was on our adventure together, I loved. I found it really inspiring to take her away and I thought people are going to love you, and rightly so, because she's never given up, and that's the heart of 'Running Wild'."