Carol Vorderman “didn’t like” Janice Dickinson on ‘I’m A Celebrity... South Africa’.

Carol Vorderman wasn't a big fan of Janice Dickinson on I'm A Celebrity South Africa

Carol Vorderman wasn't a big fan of Janice Dickinson on I'm A Celebrity South Africa

The former ‘Countdown’ star was not a fan of the ex-‘America’s Next Top Model' judge and claimed the 68-year-old supermodel used to "basically screech all day" in the camp.

The 62-year-old presenter told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I got on well with everyone except for Janice. I didn’t like Janice. She would sit on a bed and just basically screech all day and I don’t like that.

“Everyone was very kind to her in the first few days and was like, ‘Come on Janice tell us a story’. I couldn’t have been more encouraging but then she just started playing the reality TV game, which is not my scene at all. So she would just sit there and sound like a bloody seagull.

“She wasn’t doing her jobs either. She was just sitting in a bed and all of that built up over days and days.

“I thought, well, she’s gonna just sit there and get through to the final by doing nothing. You know, it just wasn’t right. So I did have a rant in the Bush Telegraph.”

Carol did get on with the “wonderful” ex ‘Coronation Street’ star Helen Flanagan, 32 - who she is still in contact with daily - and former Olympic javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread, 62.

She said: “She’s wonderful, Helen. I love her. Every single moment you see Helen on screen is exactly how she is. Kind, daft as a brush and lovable is how I would describe her.

“She is cheeky, mischievous and kind. If I lived up North, we’d be hanging out all the time. We text every day, but it’s just like, I love Helen, she is my little meerkat.

“I call her that because Fatima and I would always be up early in the morning. I would go out through the tunnel and drag my mat from my bed to about an hour of stretching, I’m trying to learn to do the splits. I need a new party trick! So I’m learning to do the splits out there.

“And Fatima’s doing weights, you know, with stones and stuff. So we would always have that and then when the sun came up properly, we would go back in and do the cooking and whatever. And Helen’s bed was near the fire so it’s just this rustle of a sleeping bag and then his little head poking out and she would say ‘I love you’ and then snuggle back down again.

"That’s what she’s in my phone as - Helen Meerkat Angel.”

The 'I'm A Celebrity... South Africa' final is at 9pm on Friday (12.05.23) on ITV1 and ITVX, and on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player in Ireland.