Danielle Harold washed Nigel Farage's pants during her time on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'.

Danielle Harold developed a bond with the politician

Danielle Harold developed a bond with the politician

The 31-year-old actress loved her time in the Australian jungle, where she developed a good relationship with the former leader of the UK Independence Party.

Speaking to MailOnline, Danielle shared: "If anyone had asked, 'Do you think you and Nigel will be mates in there?' you'd probably just say no because you're from completely different walks of life.

"That's what's amazing about the jungle is it doesn't matter what you do for a living.

"It doesn't matter what your views and opinions are, you are just human beings and you just get to know each other for how you care for one another.

"That was the beauty of being in there with people, I had such a great bond with everybody individually was great."

Danielle joked that cleaning Nigel's pants in the creek was the "highlight of [her] life".

The actress - who is best known for playing Lola Pearce on 'EastEnders' - said: "Nige, I’ve done his washing for him everyday.

"It’s not everyday you can say you’ve washed Nigel Farage’s pants in a creek, is it? Yeah, definitely a highlight of my life.

"Everybody had their own little job as soon as we got in. I was really surprised with how quick we took over camp.

"You know like everyone just found their job and no argument I'm not doing this you don't do this. Nigel was up and down that creek with them buckets of water like I've never seen someone before.

"I was doing all the washing, Nick doing the fire, he made us our own washing line, he made us a broom. That man needs his own eco range!"

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