Eyal Booker says being in 'Love Island' lockdown before going on the show is a "daunting" experience.

Eyal Booker

Eyal Booker

The 23-year-old star shot to fame after he appeared on the hit ITV2 dating show last year, and he says this year's contestants - who are currently in lockdown and gearing up for the first show on Monday night (03.06.19) - are going through a rollercoaster of emotions before they appear on the programme.

Eyal told The Sun Online: "Lockdown is pretty much a nice little holiday before you go in, you get your phone taken away and you've got to say good bye to your family and friends, can't have contact with the outside world from then on in.

"You have a chaperone who is looking after you and takes you out for dinner, you go to a hotel and basically chill for a week.

"To be honest, it's quite a daunting experience, because most of what's on your mind is your about to embark on this journey and you have no idea on what's going on.

"But you get to tan, you get to read a book or two, or you get to watch some Netflix series, you just get to chill out.

"It definitely comes in waves, one minute you're super excited, the next your freaking out a little because you're about to go on this show."

But the hunk also admitted that while lockdown can be an unnerving experience, there are a number of positives.

He said: "I definitely think it's a daunting experience but it's a nice experience, it's not like you're locked in a room for seven days and you're just in your own head.

"You're very much able to discuss your concerns and things like that."

'Love Island' will return on Monday at 9pm on ITV2.

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