Nigella Lawson hosts fewer dinner parties nowadays.

Nigella Lawson is less keen on hosting dinner parties these days

Nigella Lawson is less keen on hosting dinner parties these days

The 63-year-old TV star - who published her first cookbook ‘How To Eat’ 25 years ago - has taught the nation a lot about hosting through her various culinary TV series but has recently fallen “out of the habit” of getting loads of her loved ones around for a fancy meal.

She told The Times newspaper: “I’ve got out of the habit of it. I’ll have a person or a couple of people over quite often and I keep planning to have people round in a proper, grown-up way but I haven’t yet. I must! I feel a bit guilty because people have had me for dinner and I haven’t had them back.”

Nigella loves a causal vibe at the table and is “happy” for people to rock up in their sleepwear and sharing British junk food with her friends from across the pond like Twiglets.

She said: “I’m very happy for a friend to come over in their pyjamas to have supper.”

“I recently served Twiglets as a starter. There were some Americans there and I felt it my duty to introduce them.”

The former ‘Nigella Feasts’ star prefers “abundance” over lots of little dishes.

Nigella said: “I like to do a big plate of food, taking it out and seeing everyone eat. I like abundance and I feel that’s easier to do with one course.

The ‘Masterchef’ judge called her pals “an extension of” her family but loves getting new faces around the table who love food including vegans.

Nigella said: “I’ve had my friends for so long that they’re an extension of my family. It’s helpful to know what everyone’s favourite foods are but really I like cooking for eaters the most and I sort of don’t care who.”

“I cook a lot more vegan food than I used to simply because I have more vegans coming to the house. That always interests me and I never find it annoying. It’s a good way of cooking a bit differently because it’s not an empty exercise — you’re creating something for a particular person and I like that.”a

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