Ulrika Jonsson claims 'Gladiators' stars used to glue their leotards to their buttocks to avoid any X-rated mishaps.

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

The 54-year-old TV presenter hosted the hit show on ITV, and she's revealed how the programme's female stars came perilously close to giving viewers "an eyeful".

She explained: "The female Gladiators were having to glue the outfits on to their bums, as the costumes were so small. They would disappear and if they were wrestling you might get an eyeful. It was so sexually charged, but a family show."

'Gladiators' pulled in 14 million viewers at the height of its success.

And Ulrika - who hosted the show alongside John Fashanu and Jeremy Guscott - also had issues with her own on-screen outfits.

She told Vicky Pattison's 'The Secret To' podcast: "In the first series they wanted me in a leotard and leggings and I was so uncomfortable. I also had a push-up bra so that I looked sporty.

"The second year I said to the wardrobe guy, ‘I feel so uncomfortable in this. Put me in something flowing, or whatever.'"

Ulrika also claimed that the show's cast was sex-mad, revealing that they were "jumping from bed to bed" in their hotel.

She shared: "In the first year that we did it, they took over a whole floor in the hotel.

"There was loads of jumping from bed to bed."

Ulrika recalled a story about one "nameless" female Gladiator who had four people in her room one night.

She said: "There was one story about a female Gladiator, because somebody picked her up on it - she shall remain nameless.

"Someone said, ‘For f*** sake, you had five people coming and going in your room last night’. She went, ‘No, no … four’. At that point, maybe just stop at no."