Greg Davies has been “seriously” warned by his doctor to lose weight.

Greg Davies has been told to lose weight by his doctor

Greg Davies has been told to lose weight by his doctor

The 54-year-old actor - who will be back on screens as professional crime-scene cleaner Paul `Wicky' Wickstead in 'The Cleaner' when the sitcom returns for its second series next Friday (24.03.23) - admitted that his size is an easy way to mine on-stage material but has been advised to get into shape by medical professionals.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Although I’ve had rich pickings from turning the gun on myself and my instinct is to try and get laughs wherever possible, it’s not a reason to stay as I am physically. And I’ve been told very seriously by my doctor that something bad will happen if I don’t address that side of things.”

Greg recently admitted that making the BBC One sitcom about a crime scene cleaner involved a lot of mischief that might reflect “badly” on him like dousing the ex ‘My Family’ star Zoe Wanamaker with water.

He said: “I’m sure that it reflects very badly on me on so many levels that chucking a bucket of water in Zoë Wanamaker’s face is right up there. “She really didn’t seem to mind though.”

The ‘Taskmaster’ star also loved working a whole host of other stars like Simon Callow and Dame Harriet Walter.

Greg: “I enjoyed making Asim Chaudhry wear a greasy wig and chase me with a gun, having a fight with John Macmillan’s clown, having Simon Callow quote poetry at me and being pinned to the floor by a giant man whilst Dame Harriet Walter watched on.

“And I enjoyed talking to Alex Lawther via a fox and friend Roisin Conaty attempting to murder me whilst having my faith challenged by Mark Lewis Jones.”

When the show - which is based on a German comedy - was picked ipa gain, Greg gushed about how “thrilled” he was.

He said: “I’m so thrilled that Wicky is back for another round of clean ups and delighted that he is doing so on BBC One.

“The cast for this season are brilliant and that there are so many distinguished actors amongst them leads me to believe that The BBC have secrets that they are using as leverage.

“Me, the writing and production teams are very grateful for this support.”