Helen Flanagan says co-parenting with Scott Sinclair is "pretty drama-free".

Helen Flanagan's 'drama-free' co-parenting

Helen Flanagan's 'drama-free' co-parenting

The 32-year-old actress and the 34-year-old footballer - who have children Matilda, eight, Delilah, five and Charlie, two, together - split last year after over a decade together but Helen revealed they have been doing everything they can to make things easier for the kids.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I co-parent with Scott. We were together for a long time. So he lives with his mum in Bristol and I live in Manchester with the kids. I get on really well with Scott's mum.

"I was with Scott aged 19-31, so that's why I get on so well with his mum. So honestly it makes my life so easy because we hang out together. It's really nice. It's pretty drama free as I get on really well with her.

"The kids see their dad all the time, they see their nana a lot. We're always in Birmingham a lot to meet with the kids half way.

"The kids have an amazing time when they are with me too. I have a friend that helps me, because obviously I work as well. I work nearly every day so I do have a friend that comes to help me because well, I'm not a superwoman. We do mum things, the kids all have different activities too. Then when they go to their dad, they have a lovely time with him. They've just been to Dubai actually for a week with their dad and had a lovely time.

"So I missed them when they were away, but it was a shock to my system when they were back. "

However, Helen admitted she still suffers from "mum guilt".

She said: "As women I don't think we can ever win. I've got friends who don't work at all, stay at home.

"Then they feel bad they are not working. Then I've got friends who work all the time and they feel guilty because they are working all the time. I just feel as a woman you can never win. I do feel like the happier you are as a mum, the better it is for your child."

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