Christopher Maloney can't stand to look at himself in the mirror because he is so insecure about his looks.

Christopher Maloney on Loose Women

Christopher Maloney on Loose Women

The former 'X Factor' contestant has spent thousands altering his appearance since appearing on the show in 2012, undergoing 20 cosmetic operations, including a recent spate of five surgeries in five days.

Christopher admits he finds it difficult to look at himself for any length of time and a lot of his issues about his looks are exasperated by negative comments he receives from trolls on Twitter.

Appearing on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (03.07.18), he said: "I had surgery about four weeks ago, I had a hair transplant, upper eyelid surgery, another nose job, my teeth done and some more Botox ... I feel great at the minute ... I've been writing my autobiography for the last three months and looking back over pictures from the past it's sort of given me quite low self-esteem. And then out of the negative, though you get thousands and thousands of positives, but out of that one negative, that stays with you."

Christopher, 40, recently filmed Channel 5 show 'In Therapy' to try and deal with his body image issues and he admits the show did have a positive effect on him but he thinks he needs a longer course of counselling.

Admitting that he struggles to look in the mirror to even brush his hair, he said: "I have a quick glance do my hair and that's it basically. I just think that I like what I look like but I can't stand in the mirror and look at myself all the time."

After his confession, host Christine Lampard got a full length mirror wheeled into the studio and asked Christopher if he'd be prepared to looked into to it, and the one-time 'Celebrity Bog Brother' contestant reluctantly agreed.

But the Liverpudlian singer could only look at his reflection for a couple of seconds before pulling away.

Christopher then stood by panellist Janet Street-Porter who held his hand to calm him down as he was visibly shaking from the experience.