Claudia Winkleman deserves to be the highest paid female celebrity at the BBC, according to James and Ola Jordan.

Ola and James Jordan

Ola and James Jordan

The 45-year-old presenter was recently revealed to have been paid between £450,000 and £499,999 in the corporation's annual report, and whilst some have bemoaned the 'Strictly Come Dancing' host's whopping pay packet, former professional dancers James and Ola Jordan think she deserves every penny.

The married couple - who were previously professionals on the Latin and ballroom dance competition - say her pay is "relative" to the amount of work she does for the BBC, which also includes hosting 'The Great British Sewing Bee' and her Radio 2 show 'Claudia on Sunday'.

James, 39, said: "I don't think there's anything wrong with her being the highest paid female celebrity. I think she's very, very good at what she does. But it's all relative what you're comparing it to.

"If someone does more shows than someone else or what the shows are, everyone keeps going on about these pay packages and everything. It's all relative to how much you're working and what you're doing."

And Ola, 34, added: "It depends on how many hours work she does a day. She's amazing."

James also thinks Claudia is "brilliant" as the host of 'Strictly' - which she co-hosts alongside Tess Daly - as she's "quirky and funny".

He added during a Facebook Live chat with The Sun newspaper on Tuesday (19.09.17): "I think she's amazing. I won't tell you the first time I met Claudia what she said to me because although I've been told I can swear here if I chose to, I wouldn't possibly be able to say what.

"But she is so down to earth. She's lovely. She's quirky, she's funny. She's highly intelligent. I think she's brilliant for the show I really, really like her."