Jeremy Clarkson has insisted that a “clean, green” planet will be joyless.

Jeremy Clarkson insists that a 'clean, green' planet will be joyless

Jeremy Clarkson insists that a 'clean, green' planet will be joyless

The 'Clarkson's Farm' presenter, 63, thinks that a world that focuses on environmentalism will be depressing because so many natural pleasures will need to be "sacrificed" in order to achieve it.

In his column for The Times, he wrote: “To achieve a clean and green world, they will have to sacrifice so much of what makes us happy. Instead of food, for example, we may have to live on pills. Made by AI machines in solar-powered factories, these will give us all the vitamins and energy we need — but where’s the joy in that? Compared, say, with carving a lovely piece of beef and opening the oven door to find your Yorkshire puddings are perfect for once. Who wants to live in a world without gravy?

“I watch people now, chewing on grass, like cows, and pausing occasionally to sip from their lumpy green juice, and they always look so desperately pale and unhappy compared with the slightly tipsy person queueing for some late-night fish and chips.

“It’s a noble quest. But what they will lose if they are ever successful in their endeavours is the one thing that makes life worth living. Joy.”

The former 'Top Gear' star - who has Emily, 29, Katya, Finlo, 26 and 22-year-old Katya with ex-wife Frances Cain - also bashed "woke" culture and lamented at the loss of humour that is quickly deemed offensive.

He wrote: “I’ve always told my children that the most important thing they can do in life is make people laugh.

“It used to be fairly easy: you just said something funny. But in the new world, where giving offence is not allowed, it’s not easy at all. Flippant morning exchanges with the security guy at your office. Risqué exchanges on WhatsApp. Bons mots with the girl at the coffee shop. The little things that once brought a momentary flutter of levity into your life.

“Not possible, I’m afraid, as a man can’t walk into a pub any more. Because he may not be a man.”

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