Joan Collins

Joan Collins

Joan Collins refuses to play nasty on-screen.

The actress requested the Benidorm director change a scene in the show where her character, hotel chain chief executive Crystal Hennessy Vass, was particularly nasty to Sherrie Hewson-played Solana hotel manager Joyce Temple Savage.

According to Sherrie, Joan's the "best actress in the world" when playing bitchy characters, but struggles to get through scenes as she worries she could upset whoever's on the receiving end.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Sherrie explained: "My character has a massive run-in with Joan Collins' character.

"Crystal likes having a dig at Joyce and putting her down. Usually Joyce doesn't fight back, and Crystal likes that.

"Crystal is a bitch and Joan is the best actress in the world at playing that type of character. But she is lovely in person.

"In one scene Joan has to be particularly nasty to me. She turned to the director and said, 'I can't say this to Sherrie. Look how upset she looks. I adore her!'"

Also returning to the series is Jake Canuso as lothario barman Mateo.

The actor admits there's trouble ahead for his character who resorts to cosmetic surgery when he worries he looks too old to pull girls.

Jake explained: "He gets Botox because young girls are starting to call him a pensioner. It required a lot of prosthetics. We only did it for one episode otherwise it would have been too much work.

"The hotel salon Blow and Go becomes a back-street Botox clinic. They run out of proper Botox, so they start using something that paralyses people's faces!"

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