Katherine Ryan would let her daughter go on 'Love Island' to find romance.

Katherine Ryan would support her daughter going on Love Island

Katherine Ryan would support her daughter going on Love Island

The 40-year-old comedian insisted her daughter Violet, 14, has learned not to repeat mistakes made by her famous mum - who dated a man twice her age when she was in her teens - and she's more likely to "rebel" by going into a career as an "electrical engineer".

Katherine told The Sun newspaper: "Right now she’s really into real estate. If she wanted to get into TV, I wouldn’t be against 'Love Island'.

"She’d be the Dani Dyer type. It will probably be one of the safest places for a teenager to be in a few years because of the safeguarding on that show.

“Hopefully I’ve given her enough support and self-esteem that she wouldn’t want to be an attention-seeking performer like I am.

“I can imagine her just there to prop the other girls up and say all the right things and be a sweetheart.”

The mum-of-three recalled being 17 when she was "going out with someone who was 31", and admitted when she was younger she was "doing all kinds of dangerous things".

However, she added: "I don’t think Violet will make those kinds of mistakes.

“She probably can’t help but absorb my feminist mantras, so I think she values herself more than I did at that age.

“She’s headstrong, she knows her value, she’s really good at speaking up when she thinks someone is being exploited or that something is unfair, and she’s got great boundaries."

Although Violet seems "not bothered" about following her mum into the world of television, Katherine isn't worried if she does despite her own experiences with predatory men.

She said: "She’s part of this generation of young women really advocating for themselves, and I don’t need to warn her about anything because she won’t make the mistakes I have."