Lorraine Kelly didn't expect to be shot by Gail Rodwell when she landed a 'Coronation Street' cameo.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The TV presenter made a guest appearance as herself in the ITV soap in May, which saw Gail - played by Helen Worth - fire a bow and arrow into her, and the star admits she wasn't told that would be her storyline when she agreed to appear on the show.

She said: "That was so funny when Gail shot me. I didn't expect Gail would have a bow and arrow, and a really, really bad aim."

Lorraine also insisted she put in a "terrible acting" performance on the soap.

She said: "And the acting, terrible acting on my behalf.

"I know that. It's not my thing but I loved every minute of it."

Lorraine loved her time on the show, and was impressed by how soap stars make things "look really easy".

Speaking on a special episode of her breakfast show 'Lorraine' to celebrate her 60th birthday tomorrow (30.11.19), she said: "They work so hard and make it look really easy. They made me so welcome and I thought I'd crawled inside my telly."

In Lorraine's cameo, she was a guest at the same holiday camp as the Platt family, and when Gail learned her TV idol was within touching distance, she persuaded her daughter, Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) and granddaughter Bethany (Lucy Fallon) to chase her in a pedalo in a bid to meet the star.

The Scottish presenter's appearance came just a month after she was delighted to receive a name check in a scene in which Gemma Winter - played by Dolly-Rose Campbell - said she would love Lorraine to be her mum.

Speaking on her morning show afterwards, she said: "I was in myself watching it so there was nobody for me to go, 'Oh my God,' to.

"My phone just lit up like a Christmas tree.

"I absolutely loved that so much. It made my night, it made my week, it made my year."

In the scene, Gemma told Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) she wished Lorraine was her mother so she could hang around with celebrities all day.

She said: "I wish Lorraine were my mum.

"She's dead pretty and we'd have celebs round all the time. I've always wanted to be Scottish."

Speaking to the TV, Gemma then said: "You tell 'em, Lorraine. She's quite feisty really. We're similar."