Indiyah and Ikenna are set to enjoy their first proper kiss in tonight's episode of Love Island / Picture Credit: ITV
Indiyah and Ikenna are set to enjoy their first proper kiss in tonight's episode of Love Island / Picture Credit: ITV

Tonight’s (June 13th, 2022) episode of Love Island proves that the public actually may have gotten it right when picking the initial couples for this year’s series!

Cuddled up in the garden, Indiyah tells Ikenna: "Sometimes it is nice to know that you're feeling me, that you're interested or if it's reciprocated." Reassuring her, Ikenna responds: "You know how I feel anyway about you," and as Indiyah protests, the two lean in for their very first kiss.

Ikenna says after: "I feel like this was overdue, but I wanted it to mean something," before going in for yet another very passionate kiss. Will their relationship now be able to flourish and reach new levels?

Romance is also in the air for Dami and Amber, who are sent on their first date away from the prying eyes of everybody in the villa.

Heading to the tennis courts, Dami puts a "peck" on the line, saying "whoever wins, gets a peck."

Following a competitive match, the two joke and Amber says: "You hate losing, don't you?" Dami is quick with the comeback, saying: "It's a good thing though because then that means I won't lose you in this villa, it's a good thing."

Amber also reassures Dami, saying: "I feel like that for the moment, I am happy to get to know you, I am not really looking at any of the other guys." Feeding each other strawberries as the date draws to a close, the pair share a romantic kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the villa, new arrival Jacques is getting to know Tasha. Despite being coupled up with her, Andrew tells Luca he “couldn’t care less” about the two having a conversation.

"You literally are denying facts mate," Luca replies. "You're shooting yourself in the foot if she hears anything you've said."

Later that day, Luca approaches Jacques to tell him he's going to kiss Gemma - Jacques' ex-girlfriend!

Joking that he feels like a schoolboy around her, will he be able to lean in and cement the deal, or will Gemma keep him on his toes for a while longer?

That's not all on tonight's episode, as Islanders receive a text telling them to gather around the fire pit. With a surprise dumping on the cards and, single Islanders Afia and Paige in danger, who's going to be packing their suitcase when all is said and done?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV and the ITV Hub.

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