Detective stories can be hit or miss sometimes; some can be dull and lifeless while others can be downright unrealistic. However, Baptiste from the BBC is a clever and intriguing narrative about a man who will do whatever it takes to save the ones closest to him, or beloved by others.

Season one of Baptiste saw retired detective Julian Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) take on a case that led to more questions that answers. A woman called Natalie had gone missing in Amsterdam, and it was Baptiste’s job to help track her down.

As Baptiste manoeuvred through the city’s underbelly, he found himself being drawn into a deep and dangerous mystery that has shrouded his family in danger...

The series is produced by the award-winning production company Two Brothers Pictures and written by Harry and Jack Williams. You can watch the first season of Baptiste on BBC iPlayer now.

In season two of this eventful show, Baptiste comes face-to-face with a horrendous and shadowed case of life and death.

In the upcoming six-part series, Baptiste is dealing with a personal tragedy; he is pushing his wife Celia (Anastasia Hille) away, and looks to the bottom of bottles and police cases for a distraction.

Fiona Shaw makes her debut in season two as Emma Chambers, a British Ambassador; her case will take viewers to Budapest, where they will see the clandestine and corrupt underworld.

Tchéky Karyo as Julian Baptiste / Picture Credit: BBC One
Tchéky Karyo as Julian Baptiste / Picture Credit: BBC One

Chambers’ family have gone missing and, to immerse himself in work, Baptiste focuses on finding them and hoping that the Ambassador’s husband and two sons will be alive.

However, when the case takes a turn into brutality and far more danger than he anticipated, Baptiste must avoid the Hungarian police and the media who are snapping at his heels for a story; can he solve his most complicated case yet?

The 45 second trailer for season two promises that the final series of Baptiste will be action-packed and full of mystery. Baptiste is clearly dealing with something personal, which he is using as fuel to propel him through this investigation and find Chambers’ family.

We also see Chambers looking so broken and void of hope; for a woman whose job requires her to stay strong, she has crumbled at the loss of her family. Baptiste, as rugged and lonesome as he looks, will be the one to take on her case – here’s hoping he can solve it.

Karyo takes on the role, once again, of a man who seemingly has no boundaries and will pay whatever price to complete his assignment.

The long-awaited final series of BBC One drama Baptiste will air on Sunday 18th July at 9pm. All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer on that date.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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